Hey friends! Everyone knows how much I LOVE tax day! So to celebrate the GREAT mood! I am offering a quick special... from now til midnight on April 16th you can take advantage of a couple of AMAZING sales! One year Phazes membership at 25% off OR Bootcamp at 25% off! That means the Phazes membership that is normally $320.00 is only $240!! (Crap. I can't believe I am doing this) and Bootcamp that is normally $120 is only $90! I WILL NOT extend this past April 16th at 11:59pm. How to take advantage... you can e-mail me at as long as your e-mail is time dated before the end of the special - you are in! Or you can call 435-680-4025 (if you leave a message, I will get back to you and offer the deal) Or you can stop into the studio and we will hook you up! Tell your friends and spread the word! This is an amazing deal! - Michelle Ennis