Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The sweet hook up...

My friends,
FOOD is glorious!  Especially when you know where and how to get the best food for the best prices.  True health is dependent on good eating habits.  I want to do what I can to help you find the best sources for the best food around.

my top 4 picks:

1 - The Local community garden -
Right here in Hurricane Utah is a community Garden that gives you options of either purchasing a plot for super cheap and growing your food with their assistance, educating you on how to grow your own garden or (and this is my favorite) BUYING THEIR FOOD FROM THEM.  I like the last option.  As a small business owner, it seems my time for anything other than taking care of running a business and shoveling food  into my kids bellies is super limited.  finding time to garden is tough but I know the importance of fresh organic food straight from the earth.  So I buy food from them every week.  They are going to be coming to Phazes Studio in Hurricane every Wednesday and set up a table to sell their organic produce at the same price that the local store is selling "conventional" (GMO) produce.  YAY!  This makes me happy.  To get more information on the Hurricane Community Garden - contact Lisa Atkin : Lisa@thetimelessvillage.com  Tell Lisa Hi for me.  She loves me.  :)

2 - ichowlocal.com! -
 This is a brand new service to YOU to help you get produce from local farmers.  I love that you can order exactly what you want.  I love that there is a good variety of products available.  Ichowlocal connects local farmers to you.  check it out!  
contact ichowlocal@gmail.com for more information.  Tell Robin Michelle sent you.  She loves me too.  :)

3 - Bountiful baskets -
I have used this service many times.  I like the ease of ordering food online.  I like that you can order an organic basket of food.  When you order from Bountiful baskets, you will get a basket of fruit and a basket of veggies for $15.  add $10 to get your basket of all organic food.  Plus there are usually extras you can order as well - like cases of strawberries or organic 9 grain bread (my fave) or granola (another fave).  The only major downside is that you have a small window on Saturdays to pick up your food.  There are plenty of locations to choose from for us locally in Laverkin and Hurricane residents. But when I am busy playing or running around it's a tough time for me to pick up my basket.  The other downside is you don't get to pick what comes in your basket.  BUT if you like variety and inexpensive produce and aren't afraid to new things and aren't too busy on Saturday mornings to pick up your food - this is a great option.  If you are interested in checking it out visit: http://www.bountifulbaskets.org/
They don't know me personally.  If you tell them Hi from Michelle you will just confuse them.  :)

4 - Looking for organic produce at your local grocery store.  This is convenient on time and location but is usually the most expensive method of obtaining your quality produce.  This is where you will whine and say "organic food is so expensive...."  yes it is - in the local stores typically because of all the extra red tape that is needed to jump through in order to label produce as "certified Organic" you will pay more for it.  Thank you so much... grrrr.... I will do my best not to go off right here.

5 - Grow your own organic garden... I am a LOUSY gardener.  So I have no help for you here.  I hope to get better at it over time and I am learning.  But if you want assistance in this area - there are a lot of online sources, the community garden and Ali's organics. Ali is awesome and she will gladly help you get the right tools you need to get your own garden going.  Ali also offers ongoing classes to keep you informed.  She spent some time with me, but I am hopeless.  Oh and Tell Ali Hi for me.  Not sure if she loves me or not.  But she should. here is the link to her facebook page:
or you can e-mail her here: alisorganics@skyviewmail.com

So there you go - my top 4 (I mean 5)  picks of how to get Organic produce and good quality food.

Eat clean, Green, and lean!  It's amazing how much better you will feel when you make these sources of food your main source instead of boxed, pre-packed and genetically modified food your main source of food.  I dare you to try something different and plan your meals around these food sources before going shopping anywhere else or buying other food first.  Go to these sources - get good food - stock your kitchen.  THEN, go to the meat and dairy and grains and supplement your produce.  Stay away from pre-packaged foods as much as possible.  Do this for 6 months. then tell me what happens to your life.  I BET you will see major changes - not just to your waistline, but to your overall health and energy levels in general.  Good luck!

Please comment below if you have other sources you have tried that work great for you

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