Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy National Dance Day!

This July is FULL of dance and LOADS of ZUMBA!  One of my favorite things in life, is to turn the music up loud and just.... GO!  When I first started my journey back into health and was unable to afford a gym membership, unable to get away from my many kids and new baby, and I couldn't walk a block... guess what I did?

Did you guess?

Yup.  We danced together.  Me and my kids.  I would start by showing my kids videos of people breakdancing and I would turn the music up loud, clear the junk out from the middle of the floor... then we just let loose and had some fun.  We would try to mimic the movements of the videos on the computer.  Although I fail miserable as a breakdancer, it allowed me to feel joy, work up a "happy sweat" and it was tough.  Those were my first moments returning back.  Dance is my first love.  Sorry Bill Ennis, I loved Dance before I loved you.  It's true.  Bill Ennis knows how to dance and we would go dancing together as single punks in our early 20's with all our friends.  The guy tries to hide it now, but he has some mad dancing skills.... another way to win a woman's heart.  Because Bill could dance and was willing to bust a move... He had one more skill that won me over (his other skills work well too... like his voice and guitar playing, and creative talents...and more i love that man.....).  I digress... I got off track thinking about the OTHER biggest and most important love of my life.


So... yeah, dancing... Good times, good times...

When I found Zumba a few years ago, I saw an opportunity to go back to the joy of dance I had been missing now that I no longer hit the club scene or was dancing on stage anymore.  As a mom in a small conservative town... opportunities to really pour my heart into movement to a good beat had been limited to my own living room.  Zumba changed that for me.  I was a dance major in College with a minor in Chicano studies.  My college days in Southern California were filled with going out with my buddies from south of the
and all over the globe to various salsa, and latin dance clubs as well as a variety of night clubs all over the hottest part of LA and San Diego.  Zumba has brought me back to life by allowing me to continue what I had found a love for.  Latin culture (as well as other styles), music, friends and movement.

In July we have so many opportunities to get out there and really feel the music.

write these dates down please...
1 - Saturday July 13th - Kass Martin Master Zumba Class
Kass Martin is a Zumba celebrity instructor that has been featured on The Biggest Loser, Martha Stewart and QVC. She is coming back to The Warehouse Saturday, July 13th! Join us for a party that is going to make you sweat!
VIP: $30
Early Registration: $15
At the Door Registration: $20
register on eventbrite

2 - SUNDAY July 14th 8:00pm
video taping of a special dance number created by So You Think You Can Dance.  We are getting together with a bunch of dance and Zumba enthusiasts in southern utah and doing the dance SYTYCD choreographed for us and posted on You Tube for us to learn.  BUT... we are doing it to the music of "Blurred lines"  If you are interested in representing Phazes in this video taping event... contact Michelle Ennis.
SYTYCD video link. click here - this choreography

what song is Blurred lines? I hate the music videos... so here is a live show that is better. click here. - to this song

3- Saturday July 20 - New Instructor training for ZUMBA!
It's always fun to have your Zumba certification ready in case you want to start a new class somewhere, or want to Sub at Phazes or other gyms and clubs, or if we need a new instructor for a new class added.
SO get get certified!  It's right here in Southern Utah and that does not happen very often.
go to to register.

4 - Saturday July 20th 7:30-9:00pm - Zumba Sentao - special event!  It's another way to try Zumba - with a chair... I'm looking forward to finding out more about this.  This is a free class.  If you are interested in checking it out, let's go!
It at Trio fit 1812 West Sunset Boulevard, Building 2, Suite 12St. George, Utah 84770
in St. George
5 - Saturday July 27th...  This is the BIGGIE.... National dance day!
We are getting together with all the BIG names in Zumba in Southern utah and having a MASSIVE dance party!
8-10pm!  You will want to be a part of this event!  i will get you more details as I get them.  BUT, Phazes Zumba crew is going to be leading the throngs of 100's of screaing Zumba lovers - we will get our turn to lead a few numbers on stage.  Come learn the moves at our regular Zumba classes and then come join us on stage as we work it!  it's going to be a BLAST!\

Join in on the FUN!

Dancing is not just a great workout, it brings JOY!  dancing can bring world Peace.  I am sure of it.  :)
enjoy a few Videos of some of my favorite Zumba moments...

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