Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why should I do bootcamp?

I client once asked me "Why should I pay so much more money for Bootcamp? I can exercise at home, I have video tapes and I can go to fitness classes.  Why do I need to do bootcamp?"

Hmmmm... valid questions.
Well, let's talk.  First of all, let it be known that I am not trying to sell people a product they don't need. So let's find out if you need it before I try and sell it to you.

Let's establish WHY people do bootcamp in the first place.  Bootcamp is a commitment.  It is not something you get to decide to skip once an a while because you are tired or don't feel like exercising.  It's an accountability program where someone is watching over what you eat and keeping you accountable for every bite that goes in your mouth.  You have an assigned buddy you are in charge of - if they don't show up, you do burpees.  If you don't show up - they do burpees (only the best form of fitness torture).

Who doesn't NEED bootcamp?  Anyone that already has a great fitness program that is getting them results, is eating a perfect diet, incorporates cardio, agility, strength and speed into their program.  Anyone that works out willingly 5-6 days a week without being reminded.  Anyone that does NOT need an extra push from an outside source to get better results.

What I see time and time again is someone says "oh man... I really need to make a life change and get in shape.  I would do bootcamp, but that is so early in the morning. instead of Bootcamp,  I'll just come to classes every day or do a workout video every day or do _______ (video exercise program for 60-90 days) and eat better."

sounds great.
3 months later and you are a no show at the fitness classes in the fitness studio and your workout videos at home have gathered dust,  You've turned off the videos when they got to hard, your diet consists of soda, fast food and processed foods almost daily and you feel like garbage and no one cares about it but you.
Where did you go?  Where was the commitment to getting better all around health?

YOU were the ideal bootcamp client.
You would have had a trainer and friends that CARED about your results,  you would NOT  have been unable to turn off the trainers when things got hard.  You would have had knowledgeable staff that could assist you with those aches and pains you felt instead of just giving up.  We would have been there for you.

When you pay a little more for bootcamp or ask how you can get your's free or half price,
and have that focus, you are less likely to make excuses and more likely to get the results you were hoping for.  YOU my friend, needed bootcamp.  Quite frankly it's the CHEAPEST training of it's kind around!

4 weeks of focus.  NOTHING gets in the way at 5:30am or 6:30am - No PTA meetings, Doctors appointments, Kids soccer games, etc...  Your buddy is waiting for you to show up.  You do NOT want them doing burpees because you weren't there today.  SO you go!  Your trainer is going to check your food journal, so you eat better.

So YOU GET RESULTS you have been making excuses for the past 3 months.  What excuse are you making now?

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