Thursday, October 3, 2013

WIN $100!!

Phazes is giving away $100 every month!
Want it?
Here you go:
Another Wellness Challenge is coming up and we START MONDAY!
The dates are October 7- November 1st.

It's better than ever!
What was once an 8 week challenge has gone down to 4 weeks!
You now have more chances to win.  You have less time to stay focused (which we know just is rough after 5 weeks.... we all start to drift)  So JUST FOUR WEEKS!  YAY!
and instead of giving away $150 every 8 weeks, we now give away $100 every month!!!!!

Ok... that is cool...

Congratulations to the winner of the previous round: September winner....
Jessica Mees!  WAY TO GO!

She lost 40 pounds!!!
So impressive!  Jessica has worked HARD, but look at that smile!  she deserves the reward.  Holy cow, this lady has persevered and pushed every day to be as amazing as she is.  It's awesome and inspiring to be able to work with her.
Jessica comes to the Phazes circuit Monday- Friday, plus adds in her personal workouts and has really cleaned up how she eats.  She has also been bringing her kids with her at night to do the workout with her while her little guy watches movies in the back room.  Jessica says her goal is to win $1200 dollars in the next year and keep going as well as add on Bootcamp in January.  I say she can do it!

Other winner have been:
August 2013 - Ellen Darger - improved her energy levels and gained strength.  She loved that the challenge helped her to take time for herself.

And Callie Lowery won the first $150 Phazes gave away for June and July 2013.  she dropped loads of weight and inches and looks amazing!  Plus she needed that money for new clothes.

The wellness challenge is NOT about weight loss.  ANYONE can do it!  It's about rewarding you for doing things you have control over and changing habits.

You get points for things like:
 - exercising
- drinking water
- getting enough sleep
- taking time just for you
- getting outdoors
ANYONE ANY SIZE can win this challenge!

It's not about a number, it's about being rewarded for good choices.

EVERYONE gets their name entered into weekly drawings for gift cards and other prizes.

other participants have seen weight loss, increased energy, improvement in mood, and are just feeling better all around!  come be a part of the all over wellness challenge!

sign up by clicking on the class schedule link and going to the online store.
the wellness challenge is just $10.00!

Look better, feel better, be better and WIN BIG DOING IT!

Just $10!!
sign up today!

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