Tuesday, July 26, 2016

8 week challenge! Registration deadline is December 3rd 2016!

Next Challenge dates are: December 5th - January 21, 2017!
Fight Holiday weight gain!
The average american gains 10 pounds through the Holidays.  Join the Challenge and keep the weight off!

Are you ready to change you life?
From amazing fat-burning workouts, Meal plans, as well as fun daily challenges to help you reach a step further, This challenge was created to not just transform your body, but your mind and spirit as well.

I will ask you to do a few simple things every day and get your 40/20 workout in a minimum of 3 times a week and up to 5 times a week.
You will be rewarded for accomplishing tasks along the way and get a chance to earn your money back!

I will help keep you accountable through a super fun and simple method of giving you your money back when you complete the challenge!  This way everyone wins!  You get results using the method I show you.  AND you get to have your money back for doing it!

Commit now to change your life and transform inside and out!

The workouts:
40/20 circuit training was created to give you the best workout for YOUR fitness level.  Fat burning and body sculpting workouts you do for an entire week before changing to the next 40/20 circuit workout. 8 weeks  = 8 fun and challenging workouts!  This process works and it is GUARANTEED to get results when you follow my instructions.

The Daily challenges:
I will give you a fun daily challenge to do that will either educate you, stretch your comfort zone, improve your mental wellness or help your community.  These daily challenges were created to help you become a well-rounded human, not just lose weight.  Oftentimes weight problems are associated with other issues in our life. These fun challenges help you to explore and discover more.

This program is for those who are serious about change.
I will ask you to do very specific things throughout the challenge.  If you do them, I guarantee results!

Super important instructions to get started:
Send a text to 435-680-4025 with your name and email
and pay your deposit below

 This method of exercise and nutrition has changed me inside and out! Enjoy my before and after pictures below... - Michelle Ennis
(I really hate sharing my before pics.  But It is cool to see how much I have changed.  What you can't see is the mental wellness changes that also happened due to the daily challenges I will be giving you as well as the awesome workouts.  That is what I am MOST excited about.

8 week challenge options
Earn $40 back when you finish!

Want to join as a Phazes Member and save money?
Call 435-680-4025

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