Date: April 14, 2011

I have been a member of Phazes for about 7 months and have been working out on the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) circuit there. Since I began my workouts 3-4 times a week, my strength and endurance has improved significantly, and my general health and conditioning has greatly improved as well.

The most beneficial part of my workout has been the personal training. The trainers are very adept at recognizing one’s ability and helping them to maximize their workout through encouragement, ensuring proper form is maintained and general assistance with our workout. There’s always a friendly atmosphere, some quick wit and humor can always be found, which makes Phazes an enjoyable place to have fun while getting in shape.

Although I only do the HIIT with personal training, I like the fact that Phazes offers other types of workouts such as boot camp, Zumba, yoga and pilates; with flexible hours to accommodate anyone’s schedule. I highly recommend Phazes to anyone of any fitness level who is interested in beginning or expanding their fitness program.

Curtis G. Trujillo

“I'm a 63 year old male. Our Generation didn't do this stuff. For most of us, it just wasn't taught.
June 16, 2009 I had experienced dehydration resulting in my near death experience. Everything inside and outside my body changed for the worse. My strength was GONE and so was my balance due to the onset of vertigo.
I made a commitment to improve my health and balance.
I started with Phazes April 2nd 2010. Since then, I have lost inches in my waist and thighs.
I am in better condition then I've been in for YEARS! Inside and out!
At my first fitness evaluation I had improved DRAMATICALLY with my strength, balance and Heart rate. I am VERY excited and impressed with what is happening to my entire body.
I'm grateful to the program and all the trainers. They do a fantastic job at giving direction to proper exercise and great dietary habits to follow.
It has changed my whole life!”
Bob Talbot
Age 63
(fitness studio client)
(Michelle's note: At Bob's first visit to our fitness studio he collapsed TRYING ONE knee pushup. Just a few months later he is ready for decline pushups and more challenges! He is looking good – great form, technique and endurance. This is the fun stuff! His WHOLE demeanor has changed! Everyone is noticing the difference in him! - WAY TO GO BOB!)

"The workouts are HARD But they have improved my strength and pushed me where I NEVER thought I could go. I am excited for more!"
- Karyn V. (BOOTCAMP client - lost 30 pounds in 3 months)

A letter from Anna May (age 70)...
"I'm feeling more strength in my wrists. when I first came to Phazes my wrists were really weak and I couldn't put ANY pressure on them without pain. NOT NOW!
I even RAN after a month at Phazes without feeling like I couldn't do it! I've made up my mind to eat better.
I LOVE the personal training I get. I never thought this type of training would be for me. I NEVER thought I could do this. I am so glad I am determined to continue!
I stand amazed that in just a short time my strength has increased, my desire to move and organize myself a little more has come back.
I had to re-do my square foot gardens at home and I have had the ENERGY to stay with it for HOURS. When I finished I wasn't even exhausted! I am amazed at the difference since working out at Phazes."
- Anna May age 70 (Studio client)

"my time with Phazes was exactly what I needed. This was time for me! The trainers are very positive and very encouraging. They understood how to push me when I was ready to quit. They helped me to focus on the positive while working out and they even got me to start running - Something I NEVER thought I would do. I now have the ability and the desire to chase after my kids on the playground instead of sitting and watching them play! I love the accountability that I had to them. I love how much stronger I feel. I am grateful for the desire to eat healthier and the opportunity to know what it feels like to work out after eating poorly versus the results from eating healthy and to learn why it is so important. I look forward to continuing my lifestyle change with Phazes Fitness' help."
- Wendy Smart (lost 16 pound at Bootcamp, continued her journey as a remote client and then a Studio client and has continued to a total weight loss of OVER 30 pounds! went from 166 to 130ish. PLUS She is now training to run the Red-Rock-Relay and runs on her own 3-4 days a week!)

"The Bootcamp experience has been amazing! I feel so much stronger and flexible. I see results and have gained more confidence in myself."
- Tricia D. (bootcamp client)

" I feel stronger and am actually looking forward to my workouts. I'm even loving the couch to 5k program!"
- Priscilla E. (studio client)
(Priscilla also said Michelle's hair looked good - but that was just silly so I took it out and then added it here again just so she knows I noticed. - thanks!)

"With Michelle's encouragement I didn't give up! Thank you! I definitely am noticing better flexibility and endurance"
- Vanessa F. (Studio Client)
(Vanessa is VERY modest. she doesn't say a lot, but this woman has lost 12 pounds and 17 inches in a short period of time and has also regained a lot of mobility in her arms and shoulders where she had none. I LOVE Vanessa's story.)

" I am feeling SO much stronger. I was hiking up to the "L" and then carrying my son half way back down. NO WAY could I have done that before. and then we biked home!"
- Rebecca G. (Studio Client and Couch to 5K runner)
(Rebecca went from NON-RUNNER AT ALL to now running 5K races on a regular basis... do I see 10K in the future?)

"Thank you for Showing me how to take care of my body, mind and soul. I didn't think I could push myself to the next level. Thank you for the positive motivation and pushing me. I know you truly care about my results. I learned how to love my body. I never thought I could enjoy my body. I can't wait for the next level. I'm ready for the next body change. Thank you again!" - April Myer (May 2009 Bootcamp client - lost 13 pounds in ONE MONTH! she also went from being breathless on a short walk to being able to ride her bike to Bootcamp, kicking BUTT at bootcamp and then biking back home afterward! I am impressed girl! way to go!)