An introduction

So, here we are! Let me introduce myself to you - my name is Michelle Ennis. I am the founder and owner of Phazes Personal Training. I am 35 years old and nothing makes me happier than seeing others achieve their goals. I live to help YOU feel great about YOU! I have always been physically active whether playing basketball, running in track, competition cheerleading, dance, weight lifting, yoga, aerobics, hiking, running my dogs, soccer... etc... I love being active and playing. So when people ask me "Have you ever had to struggle with being overweight?" my honest response is "not really." BUT I have temporarily been overweight a few times. after all I have given birth 6 times to LARGE babies (I did lose my first one and now have 5 lovely children with my husband Bill.) So with each baby, my hips have spread, my metabolism has slowed down, and getting into my old jeans gets harder every time. But no, I have never lived a totally sedentary life, and I have never enjoyed eating foods that clog my body up as a regular food item. I have been lucky enough to have been raised by a mom that loved to run and could outrun me when I was in high school. I was also taught about healthy eating habits my entire life. So yes, I have been lucky enough not to have struggled with bad habits for any extended period of time.
That being said, with the last baby I had in October 2007 I gained more weight than ever before. I was slightly depressed and found it tough to find the energy to cook healthy meals or to go out and exercise in between my business, being a mom, and all the community responsibilities I took on. I ballooned to a size 14 after having been a size 6. I was miserable that I could not fit in my jeans. the largest I had ever been before that was a 10 on a bad month. But a 14? I couldn't even take a walk around the block without losing my breath. That was too much.

I had lost me.

It took me a while to build up to the action plan that I needed to get back into shape.

I started slowly with just 15 minutes a day of dancing with my kids in the living room. Then I decided I needed to learn breakdancing (I know I am too old for that silliness - but man, what a great workout!) I went back to walking or hiking with my dogs (they were happier too). and I joined a gym. I also cut back my sweets and had one scoop of ice cream once a week instead of a bowl of it several times a week. Then, I cut out Soda almost completely. I drank 8 glasses of water every day. I ate more veggies. I quit cooking in Butter and started using Olive Oil. I cut back on sugar and refined flour and bought whole grains as well as fat and sugar free items instead of my old standbys.

Guess what?
I am back in a size 8 and working my way to a size 6! it took me about 6 months to go from a size 14 to a size 8. That's 6 dress sizes! I can now look at myself in the mirror and instead of being disgusted with the rolls, I see a firmer tone body.
More importantly - I can outrun my own kids. I can play basketball again! I can play soccer. I can climb. I have the old me back and it feels so good! my next goal is to go repelling (I have to get over my fear of heights though). I want to do a triathlon this summer. It is now doable.
Talk about a transformation from not being able to breath on a walk around the block to what I am doing and going for now. It feels GREAT!

I want to bring that feeling to YOU!

What qualifies me to do that?
Here are my credentials...

2008 -2009 – Curves for Women -
I recently worked as the Marketing Manager for Curves of Hurricane and Washington clubs and was responsible for re-teaching and coaching the staff on proper personal training methods for the members. In addition to working with the staff I also worked with the members and assisted them as their personal trainer, helping them in meeting their goals and teaching the nutrition and weight management classes.

1997- present – fitness video researcher –
I actually break down and study fitness videos, I collect them, do them and analyze what works and what doesn’t and why. Sound weird? well, you will be glad I have studied a variety of exercise techniques and styles while being a stay at home mom when you come join us!

1997 – Fitness instructor –
My job was to create a workout plan for obese women in my church congregation. I loved developing a workout program that anyone could do and gear it toward those needing special attention.

1992-1996 – kinesiology major in college – studied weight lifting, personal training, aerobics, nutrition, dance and movement.

1995 – 1996 – Aerobics instructor – Family Fitness Center

1995 – 1996 Personal trainer –
develop exercise programs and tracking results. I also created nutritious meal plans.

1992 - 1994 – Coach for Cheerleaders
Create workout plans, choreograph and teach a group of 15 women. This was for a college competition cheer group. as well as a high school cheer group.

Add in the years of having tough coaches while competing on a Nationally Ranked Cheer team, or the regional Champions on a basketball team or a top competitor in Track. Each of those experiences took physical discipline and a tough coach to push me to my limits. trust me when I say - early on I received an education in fitness coaching.

So that's my fitness coaching background. I have been coaching since I was a Senior in High school. it's been 17 years since I started and now I am pushing it to a new level.

The other people on my team are amazing as well. You will hear more from them as we get rolling. But here are their names and areas of expertise

Kim Mower - Marathon runner and fitness buff from Ivins
Robin Sanderson - Weight training and sports nutritionist from Washington Utah.
and Me - Aerobic instructor and Personal Trainer from LaVerkin Utah

This is our team for now. we are new, we are growing and we invite you to be a part of the excitement.


  1. WOW! I LOVE learning things about you. You never cease to amaze me! You are such a great example to me! I am one of "those" that really need to get my butt in gear! I love ya! Thanks for your inspiration!


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