Phazes Bootcamp difference

I had a conversation yesterday with a client about what makes us different than a typical class at a gym.
Having been an aerobics instructor and large workout class instructor as well as having worked in various gyms marketing and sales and having done personal training, I have seen the difference in what works and I have done the research.

I was going to blog all the things WRONG with the typical fitness centers, but I deleted all the negativity and am now going to tell you instead why I LOVE phazes!

1 - ANYONE can do it! we are called Phazes for a reason. we are "Phazes Fitness - outdoor fitness adventures for every Phaze of life." We have our training set up in stages Phaze one (beginner), two (intermediate) and three (advanced). So whether you are just getting started, have injuries you need to watch out for, or you are a hard core fitness Junkie - We have a personal trainer for YOU on YOUR level! I love that! we are unique this way.

2 - Personal training in small groups for a fraction of the cost of traditional personal training. We keep our classes small so that each personal trainer has no more than 6 people to work with. This allows YOU to get the personal coaching people pay BIG MONEY for. Some Personal trainers charge $100-$150/hour or more and work with you one to 3 times a week. it can get expensive! BUT we also know that those people who work with good personal trainers have better results! just look at all the celebrities with those great bodies. they pay personal trainers to get them there. So we are bringing this kind of personal care to you at a fraction of the price. this kind of personal training could cost thousands of dollars a month. Phazes Bootcamps only cost $10/day! Just around $200/month depending on the plan you decide on.

3 - We are outdoors. One day when I was running with my dogs in the morning, I stopped and watched the sunrise. I felt an energy that entered into me that day that was powerful and very needed for this tired mom. it was a gift to be shared with everyone. You cannot get the same joy and energy on a treadmill. we breathe clean air as we workout rather than some smelly guy's pits on the machine next to us. we watch the birds fly overhead and rabbits hop across the grass. I even got to watch a coyote off in the distance on an evening bootcamp session. Last night we paused for a moment at the end of our workout and looked up at the stars. This is the place to be to improve your overall health. Your spirit needs it just as much as your body.

4 - Motivation. we push you! we do whatever we can to help you break those plateaus. Our trainers are right there with you the whole time. No matter what Phase you are in, you have a trainer just for you. I can't tell you how many times I have seen people in the fitness centers and gyms quit a workout when they start to break a sweat or their heart rate goes up a little more than they are used to. They could have done more, but they stop right when they are about to push through to a new level. this is what working with a trainer is good for. you need to push past that point. Our trainers keep you going when you may have thought you would quit. I am not trying to scare you away. But isn't this what you are looking for anyway?

5 - variety - Phazes Bootcamp is never boring! I heard one of our Clients say "I really thought we would be having the same workout every day. But we never have repeated any of them completely. they are all a little different. It keeps it fun." Phazes has several trainers that work together. sometimes you might have a new trainer lead each day. sometimes you will have 2 trainers at a time or 2 or 3 on the same day. so you will try new things and have FUN!

6 - Nutrition counseling - we spend a few minutes each week discussing better eating habits. We all need a reminder once in a while on what our bodies need to get us on the path to better living. Plus we ask you to keep track of your eating habits in a food journal for us to review with you.

7 - Phazes Bootcamp requires a commitment level. unlike a $20/month gym membership that 2/3 of gym members choose not to use, Phazes clients sign a contract that says they WILL show up and do their best! There is no skipping out. You get results because you are required to be there. Thus making a better value whether it was $5 or $10,000.00 if you don't use it, it's not worth anything. Surveys conducted state that 2/3 of home gym owners used their expensive equipment for the first few months regularly, but then let it sit 6 out of 7 days a week or worse. only 1/3 actually continue to use their equipment 2-3 times a week or more after that first year. it is the same with gym memberships. Committing yourself to your trainer is the best way to get results for the money. You may as well have fun and pay less with Phazes Fitness!

- Michelle, Owner