why are we asking you to eat right during bootcamp?

when you sign up for bootcamp we ask a few things from you that have to do with proper nutrition and eating habits. If you want the best results possible it takes more than just going to a gym and throwing weights around or running til you puke. It takes getting the right kind of fuel into your body. Since we started this bootcamp I have nearly given up carbonated beverages of all kinds (including diet) and French fries are rarely seen around me anymore - those are my 2 biggest weaknesses. For the past several years I used to be a big mac meal with a Dr. Pepper kind of gal.

I have given it up almost completely and have been doing great for several months on better eating habits.

I also started using Isagenix protein drinks as a morning meal replacement.

Last week I went away on a short vacation. I forgot to take my protein powder with me and I did poor planning for the road trip food.
Every meal on the road was crappy fast food and caffeine to keep me awake while I drove. The sad thing was - I knew what I was doing to my body while I did it. I knew I should not get the fatty cheeseburger with fries and my Dr. Pepper, but here I was at a drive thru window with my little girl, she wanted a cheeseburger and fries and a soda and I caved in!

Once home I went to bed and woke up the next morning for my workout with Shandi (one of our amazing trainers - she's an animal!) I knew she would work me, But I knew I could take it on a normal day.

Shandi took me on her workout and I couldn't even last the first 10 minutes - I wanted to puke and pass out. My body just stopped! I knew I should have been doing better. My body never gives in like that. I just could NOT do the workout. I had to sit for a while and since I could not physically do the workout I decided to take time to analyze my previous day and was like - "DUH!!!!"
although this workout would have made my heart beat and get me breathing hard and feeling a little sore, I should not have felt like that.

I changed my eating habits that day once again! The difference the very next day was dramatic! Talk about a difference in the way a body feels and what it is capable of by what you put in your mouth. I am a believer again and re-dedicated to eating right so I can run and not get weary.

So far - so good! I knew this was true, but I had never experienced it so dramatically before. There is a night and day difference in eating right versus eating garbage and the way it effects the body's ability to last through a workout. I hope my experience is enough to convince everyone that eating better will dramatically improve your results and your ability to stick with a fitness program!
6 small meals - and no processed foods.
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