It's time to PLAY!

Did you know we have reached about 80% of our nation is overweight with the majority of that number considered dangerously obese?
I was at the park one day with a friend of mine that falls into that category. Her kids wanted to have her play volleyball with them. She got up to play and did so for about 2 minutes before needing to sit down because she was winded. I felt awful for her. she could not even play a game with her kids.

what do you do for play? our kids learn how to play as adults by how we play. do you want your kids to have the same habits as you do? if you ride bikes together and hike together, you will not only get more fit, but your kids will learn what play is supposed to be.
as adults we get lazy. I know I have fallen guilty to sending my kids outside to play so they don't spend too much time in front of the TV and while they are outside, I sit myself down in front of the computer of sit on the couch and eat. That's how I went from a size 6 to a 16 and gained 50 pounds (all of which are now gone again!!!!!)
parents sign their kids up for sports, gymnastics, karate, etc... so the kids can be active and moving regularly. But Parents - what are you doing for YOU?
what games or sports or activities did you used to love doing when you were a kid?
sign up for something. join a city league, find a dance class, dust off your bike, pull out those roller blades. PLAY again!
your mom hopefully was the kind of lady who told you not to snack all day on sweets and to get outside and play. who is being that mom for you now?
your challenge this weekend is to find something FUN and do it! Get your childhood back and do the things that bring you joy and health.
You don't have kids? well, it all still applies to you - be your own best friend and remind yourself to put away the computer, TV, and books (although all those things are great in moderation) and get out and PLAY again. put down the chips, and soda and replace it with fruits, veggies, and juice. get your mom on the phone or call me and ask me be your mom for the day to remind you.
"hey, kid! put down the snacks, turn off the computer and go outside and play! find a friend and play tag! whatever, just get out and play.!"
get a weekly game of paintball or lazertag going. have some fun with it.