Weight loss solutions

I went from a size 14 to a size 8 in about 6 months. my weight dropped from 160 to 135.
let me report that I am eating MORE than I ever did before and I have a LOT more energy.
there is no crazy pill I took. Just a few things I would suggest:
1 - I started working out daily with our bootcamp program utilizing muscle confusion.
2 - I changed my diet and began following the clean eating menus a little more. (okay so sometimes I am not a total clean eater, but I am trying)I eat 6 meals a day that are higher in protein and good carb sources. I eliminated soda, refined sugar and white flour basically.
3 - I found a super food source that I use as my breakfast every morning as a shake. call me if you want to know what I am using.
4 - I have 2 ounces of a cleanse tea every morning and night to clear out toxins in my body. call me if you want to know what cleanse tea I use.
5 - when I have sweet cravings or the munchies I recommend using Power Pops (the eat candy lose weight people)these have citromax, b vitamins and a natural energy source. they help control appetite and balance sugar levels. diabetic friendly even! it's something for over-eaters that tend to do the hand to mouth sweet craving thing to use as a replacement.

I will post more about this another day. If I have peaked your interest - give me a call and I will hook you up.

I am stronger, faster and more fit than I have been in 15 years. and I got to this point from my least fit fattest in 6 months!

what do you want to accomplish?