almost 40 and stronger than ever!

I have to share...
I did my first pull-up in my life today. October of this year I will be 36. I have given birth to 6 babies, have come from a depressed sedentary point in my life a year ago when I was tired, weak, out of shape, etc...
Today I did a pull-up on my own. I know for those fitness buffs out there it might seem meaningless, but I am sharing for those that think it's too late for them.
I am so excited! I really never thought I would ever be able to do it personally. I hired trainers that are more fit than me for a reason - to push and motivate clients (and myself) to achieve a new level of fitness.
I just want to put the word out there - age has less to do with your ability to get strong than your own determination.
Also - another reason for developing the muscles on your body is so that you actively burn fat throughout the day while you are at rest!
Running, walking, jogging or other aerobic training is great for burning calories and I recommend it highly. However - build some muscles on your body and get twice the results of running/walking alone, cross train as much as possible, and mix up your workout.
Starting September 7th, Phazes will be offering a new class of memberships. You pay a low $25/month to get weekly workout plans, menus, a follow-up phone call from your personal trainer mid-week, and the opportunity to come to one day of bootcamp every single week!
This is so cool!
Come be a part of it and let's find out where you can get in one year...
Where do you see yourself in one year? How about six months? How about twelve weeks?
I am joyfully surprised at my results and grateful to my Phazes trainers Kim and Shandi for their encouragement and drive!