Getting excited!

How much are you paying for a gym membership?
Do they offer you a menu that helps you cut fat and eat better than you ever have before?
Do they give you personal training twice a week incuded that gym membership cost?
Do they give you workout plans to follow for the remainder of your duration as a member of that fitness club? Or are you left to wander once you enter the doors and hopefully remember everything they taught you on day one visit?

We have some exciting plans in store for you! Starting September 1st you can sign up for a program that will assist you in meeting your fitness goals. Give you direction in your workouts that will include variety, give you regular consulting with your personal trainer, and get you pushing yourself.
for as low as $25/month you can get nearly 5 hours of personal training every month!
PLUS we will be offering menu plans and workout plans for free!

Imagine coming one day a week to your trainer, getting your workout program and menu off the site and then getting a call from your trainer mid-week to see how you are doing.

This is so exciting and the cost is extremely minimal.

Yes - you can still take advantage of Rookie level bootcamp or other programs we offer. Rookie Bootcamp is a 90 day commitment to get even more dramatic results. It's fun and exciting and only 3 days a week. It comes out to as low as $120/month - an amazing bootcamp price that we are thrilled to start with you.

Call us at 435.680.4025, and we will get you going on your next Phaze of Fitness!
- Michelle