Success Magazine is Full of Fit Tips

I love Success Magazine. I highly recommend you get a subscription. Other than being chock-full of overall personal and business improvement ideas and motivation, it also is usually packed with fitness tips. It seems that there is a direct relationship with physical fitness and financial and business success. In a world where having the competitive edge is becoming increasingly important as 100’s of people apply for every available job. It makes sense to make sure you have the appearance of someone who achieves success in all areas of your life, especially fitness. Recently I was reading an article written by Bob Greene for Success Magazine. Bob Greene is a Certified Personal Trainer and exercise physiologist. He is a renowned expert in the fields of fitness metabolism and weight loss. He is also a frequent guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show and has written several best-selling books.

Here is what I have gleaned from a portion of one of his articles that I would love to share: “…Never do anything that is temporary. When you make a change in your life, let yourself know that you’re making a lifetime commitment to giving up some things and adding others. When it comes to exercise for example, you don’t incorporate into your lifestyle only until you lose weight, but, rather, for the rest of your life....

Don’t make it about numbers. I don’t see the magic in striving to reach weight loss numbers. Your ideal weight is individual. I’ve found that most people are pretty realistic about what they’d like to weigh based on what makes them look and feel good. And that doesn’t mean model thin.

Take those first steps today. Change your thinking. Remember – there are no gimmicks. Weight loss requires long-term thinking. You HAVE to exercise and gradually modify the way you eat over time. Crash diets, where you narrow food choices to the point that it’s uninteresting to eat, will cause you to rebel and fall back into old eating habits. Try this approach: Toss this out, throw this in as a replacement, gradually make some changes and eliminate those foods that get you in trouble.”

I love his words! They seem so simple and ring so familiar. It’s strange that the best trainers in the world are all saying the same thing. When I look up a well-respected trainer and read what they suggest – it’s ALWAYS the same – lifetime commitment to fitness and food exchanges.

There is NEVER a suggestion to limit what you eat to 500 calories and get shots. There is never a suggestion to take crazy pills that block your appetite.

The only people you will hear that from are those that seek your dependence on them for the rest of your life as you crash and yo-yo with your weight.

Phazes joins the thousands of terrific trainers and weight-loss and exercise plans that suggests you live a life full of joy. Enjoy eating foods that bring the best out of you. Enjoy activities that get your heart pumping and take your breath away.

Run, play, bike!

Eliminate something today and replace it with something else

Examples that I have done that have brought amazing results:

Take out carbonation, (even diet drinks) and bring in flavored waters or juice (I treat carbonation like I do a bowl of ice cream – it’s a rare dessert, not a daily staple).

Take out refined sugar and bring in honey or stevia or Agave nectar. Who says you can’t have sweet things?

Take out white flour and bring in whole grains. I love my whole grains so much more than white flour these days - substance!

What are you going to try this week?

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President, Phazes Fitness