the difference is...

About a year ago I was working as a Marketing director and Staff trainer for another fitness company. part of my job was to call past members that had left the gym and find out why, offer anything I could to get them back and offer input to the owners. I called 100's of people and found out the most common reasons for leaving a gym were these:
1 - no time to get into the gym or lack of child care or the gym had bad open hours
2 - lack of results and support or lack of staff being knowledgeable about fitness (when I found that out, I asked if I could train the staff to be better trainers, that's when their membership numbers started climbing again.)
3 - lack of motivation
4 - that particular gym had an unchanging circuit that members outgrew or hit plateaus too quickly and was no longer effective.

when I decided to start my own fitness company, I took all these responses into consideration as I looked for the best possible program to offer my clients. I wanted a few things:
1 - something that could be done in the wee hours of the morning, late at night, during lunch or at home or anywhere!
2 - a great support system and staff that was knowledgeable and experienced in fitness that all members had access to. not just those paying an extra $100/hour for personal training. everyone needs a personal trainer!
3 - Weekly opportunities to talk to a trainer about staying focused and motivated. it's so easy to lose motivation but talking to a personal trainer every week helps keep this up. this was to be included in whatever it was I was going to do.
4 - a changing and exciting workout program that you never outgrew, but allowed you to be a beginner without fearing injury. I wanted something flexible to start newbies with and still have offerings for the all-star athletes.
5 - I wanted it to be outside as much as possible so clients could breathe in fresh clean air and enjoy the beauty of nature.
6 - I wanted access to healthy menu plans as part of the cost of my program. I knew this was key! I taught the Nutrition and weight loss support classes at my old fitness center and knew those that followed a healthy menu were the ones having the greatest results and tended to stick with the program beyond those thinking they were working out so they could eat like crap. Sorry - it really does NOT work that way like we want.
7 - I wanted add-on options like bootcamps and running training to keep clients driven that needed something like that.
8 - I wanted a workout plan that didn't require a ton of equipment.
9 - I wanted something affordable to EVERYONE! how do you get personal training and all that I wanted in low price?
10 - I wanted great Business partners that knew something about business building, marketing, and how to keep me focused.

I am proud and pleased as punch to introduce to you my dream fitness company!
Phases Fitness LLC
has all those elements I wanted.
I searched out great Business partners. Robin Sanderson as my marketing director, VP of Business development and my husband Bill Ennis as my Creative director. oh and I should include the most important - Wendy Smart my bookkeeper to babysit my finances - thanks!!!!

then I also brought on amazing trainers that are assisting in designing our ever-changing weekly workouts - Kim Mower, Shandi Coleman and Chantal Cortez - all beautiful and fit and wonderful! thanks!!!

Then I sought out great resources for menus plans including Tosca Reno's clean eating books, magazines and other friends including Christy Webb who is opening a healthy eating Cafe and deli in LaVerkin. Also I used website resources to pull from each week to e-mail a new menu to our clients.

so we have it!
- no need to live locally to do this!
- weekly menus e-mailed to our clients
- weekly workout plans that change it up and keep you from reaching plateaus.
- weekly calls from an experienced personal trainer
- very little to no equipment necessary
- options for outdoor workouts
- Great staff!
- fun challenges including Couch to 5K training

This is exciting!
choose your price point and commitment level
from as low as $25/month
just e-mail me at
and we will get you started.