Menu and workout plans started today!

Today our first round of menu plans and workout of the week went out to our members. The menu we chose from this week was from Clean Eating Magazine. One of my favorite sources of great ideas for fit yummy food that helps fuel your body and burns fat.
All of the business partners at Phazes have decided that it is our number one pick of the place to get your meal choices. However, at times we will be having a guest contributor supply menus and recipes for a little variation as long as they follow the same basic principles we love in Clean Eating.

I was re-reading an old dusty book from off my bookshelf today - "Fit For Life". A great read and it follows (Or I follow) a lot of the principles I have established are found in this book.

The general workout plan and length of workouts and menu choices. There was a little bit of variation in their recommended meal plans that I thought I would put out as "food for thought" (that's a pun).

Fit For Life teaches that you eat "clean" (not what they called it but close enough) for 6 days and then allow yourself a day of rest on the 7th day. eat what you want in any quantity.
the 7th day is the day you allow the donuts, soda, Big Macs, etc...
This allows you to never feel like you are cheating, never entirely giving up the foods you crave.

hmmm.... as I read that, I had to admit, I liked it. to be honest, I MOSTLY follow the clean eating menus or something very similar. I really enjoy eating like that. But the truth is, when I go to a birthday party or potluck at a friends house or whatever... other people are NOT eating clean. I usually donate food items that are healthier as most people I know are not looking our for their health as much as I am lately.
BUT... I will have a scoop of ice cream or a piece of cake or a crappy hot dog and chips. I do so without feeling guilty because I eat right usually 6 out of 7 days a week. So... I had to do a little re-thinking, I ask those in Bootcamp to stay completely away from those things. But I have been the occasional snacker behind their backs.

I guess what it comes down to is this:
Know yourself. Are you addicted to those things? Would having that one treat throw off your entire food plan? or can you have just one day off?
I am not as much of an addict as I have witnessed others. I can say no to the donuts, cake, etc... My Husband likes to bring home the donuts every saturday night that the bakery gives away free since they close on Sunday. I hate it!
But I read this part of Fit for Life and he says "there ya go Michelle - there is your 7th day of rest from your meal plan." (I still hate it, I don't want to feed my kids donuts for breakfast). But I really like saying NO! It feels good to refuse something that I don't need. not only that, but my body is not craving those foods like I used to a year ago when I really really wanted that donut and maybe 3 or 4 of them at a time. You will find that as you choose to eat clean and do all you can to stay away from foods that are not good for you, you will not have that feeling of "need" or "craving" you used to.

I was reading an article awhile back about the addictions we submit ourselves to. There are studies being done that compare the addictive qualities of the food the average American eats on a typical day.
Let me put out a typical menu from my own home 12 months ago:
white flour pancakes with heavy sugary syrup
Boxed cereal high in sugar and milk
sometimes we would add juice.

Hot dogs or mac and cheese
sometimes I would add carrots or apples (which my kids would skip)

or Hamburger helper
or something with a creamy soup high in fat and "bad" carbs.
any veggie would be smothered in butter, salt and cheese

Snacks: - chips, cookies, etc...

Fast food was almost daily because I was too tired to plan meals and cook.
I used my exhaustion as a reason to buy crappy food that could get put on the table quickly.

what's interesting is that today - I am 3 times busier than I was then, but I have 10 times the energy. other than my work load what has changed? my diet and workout plan! I workout more and eat better and finally feel like I have the energy to plan and cook. I haven't had this level of energy for years.
No crazy drugs, no weird supplements other than my daily detox tea (2 ounces a day) and a protein shake in the morning with a better diet.

Now here is a typical menu for my family:
(I have a protein shake with banana)
oatmeal with raisins
juice, grapes from our grapevine
myfavorite bkfst: Quinoa with yogurt, berries and Agave nectar.

morning snack: apples and organic peanut butter

Lunch: Tuna sandwiches with tomatoe and lettuce and no fat or low fat mayo on whoe grain bread (no artificial sweeteners in my bread!)

afternoon snack: carrots, raisins, cheese chunks

spinach salad with strawberries and almonds
whole wheat noodles with garlic chicken and pesto

evening snack:
stone ground crackers and cheese

anyway, that's what I do on a typical day.
6 meals, better food, better planning, no more preservative filled boxes of BHT and MSG for my family.
I love myself and them more than that. I also make sure I have food out on the counter most of the day for my family and me to snack on. this takes a little planning but eliminates the cravings to go get junk food. It also follows the urges we all have to snack. rather that doing 3 small meals and kicking the family out of the fridge and kitchen, I invite them in. eating more often raises the metabolism and helps you to burn fat all day long.
check out the clean eating website and see if you can make some changes in your meal times.

To get our plans e-mailed to you, just call or e-mail today and we will get you going with your own trainer, workout plans and menus!