get outside and move!

I know the weather is getting colder. I know it's darker earlier. I know! Here I am in the desert and used to having the sun greet me during my early morning workout. now I leave my house before the sun is close to rising and get home from my workout before the sun rises. It's cold and I have to bundle up. I'm not used to it.

SO why workout outside? are there any REAL benefits?
I mean, isn't convenience better for your workout?

Well - whatever it takes to get you moving and sweating and working - go do it!

BUT, here is what I enjoy about getting outside to workout.
1 - fresh air!!! there are a number of things important for your physical health and one of them is learning to breathe properly. This is why Yoga is so good for you. But getting out of the recycled air and into the hills or parks to breathe helps your overall health.

2 - change of scenery. how many of you are surrounded by the same walls day in and day out? I have a big dog that lives indoors. If I do not get him out for a change of scenery he ends up chewing on things he shouldn't, acting up, disobeying more often. Come to think of it - so do my kids... hmmmm... must be something to it. How many of us get stir crazy? we just need to get out and play more often! It is critical to your mental health which effects your overall health. it relieves stress and effects your body's ability to work at it's peak level.

3 - exploration! do you know what lies just beyond that street, park, tree, or hill? I had no idea how much there was around my little town that was beautiful and so worth visiting. There are old rock cabins and forts and petroglyphs and amazing ravines and caves that I have only just begun to uncover! what do you know about where you live? getting out and finding these things helps you in your daily living as you learn to appreciate the world around you. it makes you more grateful about who you are and where you are. I used to think southern utah was just a dusty hot place. I am learning more of it's beauty as I get out and expore which makes me happier to be here and thus - overall more happy about where I am in life. Get out and learn about the beauty of where you live and post here to let us know what you have found. Sometimes bundling up for exploring is worth the little extra effort it takes.

Our workout plans take you Monday - Friday. BUT I recommend DAILY exercise of some form (even on your "rest day".
Here's what I mean. do you regular fun and sweaty workouts Mon- Fri. THEN Saturday workout your mental health and go PLAY!!!! this would be a great day for hiking, kayaking, finding something somewhere in your community to get outside.

BUT IT'S SNOWING!!! SKI, Ice SKate, SLedding, Snow shoe, have a snow ball fight, build snow forts and snow men. rolling a snow man across a field in winter gear can be a great workout too!

Raining? get your rain boots and go puddle jumping like a real kid again! play a game of mud football! didn't you use to play in the mud as a kid? why not today? have you ever just gotten nasty old shoes on and went mud sliding? I did. loads of fun if you can handle the goop. do you have other ideas of what you can do in the rain for fun for your mental health?

Too hot? 120 degrees in the desert? that's easy - go lake swimming, turn on the sprinklers and jump on the trampoline with a sprinkler going over you. get a slip and slide.

I am a believer that your weekly workout should allow you to have more fun on the weekend. and getting outside is a CRITCIAL part of that.

no matter the weather - have fun in it! sweat and play! if it's too cold to sweat - just play hard anyway.