so what is the point of all this?

As I write this I am in Wyoming watching snow fall and enjoying a relaxing evening away from home. My cousins and I were raised together on the same ranch and did most of our "growing up years" together before I moved at the age of 16. So returning home is always a treat. I brought my dog and family to enjoy the outdoors and opportunity to play outside without worrying about traffic, neighbors, or lack of space. How nice it was to call to my dog and just run in the field, or to send the kids outside and watch them race off to where the horses were to play together outdoors.

I then took a trip about a mile down the road to my cousins' home. we had a great conversation about life and business we were up to. We also talked of old friends caught up in trying to look perfect or getting depressed because of their lack of perfection and where in the world we all fit in. the discussion of my cousin's size and her efforts to lose weight came up.

I was once again reminded to focus not on size, but on activity level. I told my cousins that I had finally thrown out my size 6 jeans. I finally came to the conclusion that my size was not more important than my ability to do the things that feel great! we discussed the purpose of fitness was so that you have the ability to play soccer with the kids or Hike the hills you want to take pictures of or kayak with your buddies or play that game of basketball.

For those of you that are a little competitive - you can say the reason you workout is to get a better time in that race or even to just finish your first race.

Here is another reason for those workouts -
On our way to Wyoming, we ran out of gas about 1/4 mile from an exit in Orem, Utah. My husband took the dog and ran down the freeway with our gas can to the nearest gas station and ran back to put gas in the car. it was about a mile run there and back. I stayed with our 5 kids in the van. I was beaming when I saw that hunk of a guy running back knowing he was fit enough to do the job he needed to do without having to hitch a ride or stop and catch his breath or worse get rushed to the hospital (did you see that episode of Biggest Loser? the chick was rushed to the hospital after attempting to run a mile? she had to stay there over a week!!!!)

My kids and I had a fun conversation about the reason the school asks them to run during PE and why I will send them out with the dog to run around the block instead of sitting around the TV or computer all day.

fitting in those tiny pair of Jeans is not the goal. In fact, I threw out those Jeans from High School that I always hoped I could fit in. Getting that goal out of my head and bringing into mind instead the idea that my entire LIFESTYLE would change was a major turning point.

It's hard to get clients to change their mindset from weight loss goals to just lifestlyle changes. It sounds more distant and difficult. But the truth is, it is more freeing than you can imagine.

Is your Body Mass Index out of wack? It can be a health hazzard if so. BUT how many times have you set a goal to lose weight, got close or just tried for a while and then gave up?
Are you willing to try a new mindset? are you willing to say instead: "I want to be fit!"

what is the differnce between the mindset of these 2 statements:

1 - "I want to fit back into my Jeans and lose 40 pounds"
2 - "I want to improve my health, endurance and strength and be an active fit person"

which one of those statements will keep a long-term commitment?

did you know that working on the second statement actually brings you closer to the number one statement in a healthy mindset and looking for healthy ways to get there instead of short lived promises and dangerous methods that so many fall prey to in the hopes of getting there fast in order not to work at getting fit and healthy - just fitting a certain image they hope to be.

I LOVE getting out and doing stuff. I love running with my dog, kayaking with my husband, playing basketball with my friends, dancing alone at my studio. and I love that my morning workouts allow me to do those things BETTER without losing my breath.

what kind of activities do you do or hope to do that your daily workout would improve for you?

feel free to comment here and tell us why you work out. Or what you hope to gain from your workout schedule above and beyond getting to a certain weight and size.