This is Me - Michelle. I am the President of Phazes Fitness and I have an absurd fear of heights that I am trying to get over it so I can enjoy rock climbing. Anyone have any tips for me?

Ahhh... can you feel the love between husband and wife team Michelle and Bill Ennis. Bill lost a ton of weight in just a few months by kayaking and swimming about 3 times a week. He is our creative department. Bill designed the logo and look to our company and is in charge of developing our marketing supplies. He works full-time as a graphic designer for a variety of other businesses all over the country. Michelle and Bill have 5 kids and a dog. Their weekly date as a couple is usually a kayaking and or camping outing once a week.

Bill's fingertip pushups
See I told you he was a tough guy. strongest fingers I have ever seen. :)

Kim Mower - fabulous trainer. Just finished her 3rd marathon! Had to recover from multiple injuries and amazingly pushed through a lot of pain during her training. Kim is so inspiring and I fun trainer to work with! If you ever get a chance to have her push you - take it!