this week's workout pics

These are just some of the pictures we took with our trainers the other day. the entire workout is not posted here. But most of it is.

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Overhand modified pull up - you can also do this on the edge of a table. just put your legs under the table as far as you can and hang onto the edge and pull yourself up with your legs holding most of your weight. the stronger you get the straighter the legs and the less weight you put on them. You can even do one leg or put your legs up on a chair on the other side of the table.

Tricep dips off bench or chair (or rock - as shown)
Start with your elbows back, legs out in front of you. for beginners - you may bend your knees. but the goal is to get legs straight out in front of you. if you are stronger - go to one leg and put one foot on top of the other. Lower yourself until your arms make a 90 degree angle and push back up.

One legged squats - you may need a chair table or tree to help keep your balance. The leg you are standing on does not allow the knee to go over the toes. make sure the leg you are keeping high goes behind you and the toe nearly touches or DOES touch the ground. This is a tough one, but it makes a lovely rear-end and gorgeous legs.

One legged hamstring bridge - lay down on your back with one leg up. use the leg on the ground to press your hips up and squeeze you glutes. This does wonders for your butt!

Lunges - start at standing. step forward and lower yourself down. do not let your knee go past your toe. try to get your back knee as close to the ground as possible while maintaining control. do not drop suddenly. also keep your back straight. for more resistance - hold hand weights.

Stairs or hill running - if you are indoors and have stairs - go as fast as you can up the stair and then walk back down. do this over and over for several sets. If you are outside - find a slope or hill to climb and take a few 10 second sprints then go back to your starting place.

Push ups - if you are a beginner, you may do push ups against a table, tree, or wall or even just on the ground with legs bent. for the rest of you - push it to the next level. head up, chest nearly touches the ground and then push back up. but stays flat, body straight.

Tent Push ups - these are little harder than normal push ups but worth the effort for the results you get!
(Kim if I posted this wrong let me know)