workout pics for week of 10/25/09

Here are the pictures for the workouts emailed this week. for the entire workout and the menu plans e-mailed to you, just call (435)680-4025 or e-mail

knee lift:
alternate sides each time.
if done correctly this will really work your abs. try to get your knee up as high as possible and "crunch" in as if you were doing a standing crunch.

lunge with kick
lunge back and then kick back leg up and forward. do not kick so high that your back crumples. just kick to where is comfortable for your back but makes your leg work hard. You can also kick high enough to work on fexibility as long as you always maintain your posture without pain

lunge jacks or scissor jumps
start in a lunge position jump up and switch legs and lunge again. do your best in jumping off the ground even if you are a beginner. Keep your legs bent when you land and try to land softly. if you are an advanced athlete add ankle weights.

squat thrust with or without pushup
advanced level is adding a pushup and then jumping off the ground once standing. intermediate - do as shown below and for beginners you can do this without going all the way to the ground. instead do this by placing your hands on a chair or bench jumping legs out.

Mountain Climbers
in a deep lunge position quickly change leading leg by slightly jumping off gorund both legs in air for a split second while they switch position to other leg leading. do this movement quickly and continue switching legs.

Lateral arm raises or shoulder extensions
increase resistance by increasing weight.

Bicep curl with lunge
increase resistance by holding heavier hand weights.