Phazes is NOT A GYM!

For those of you that have stepped into or are thinking about stepping into my fitness studio in the small town of LaVerkin Utah, the first thing you will notice: there is NOT a ton of equipment. For those used to the big gyms with tons of machines, this is a bit of a shocker and something to get used to at first.
Phazes follows a different philosophy than other fitness centers - we are truly first and foremost, a PERSONAL TRAINING CENTER - AND NOT A GYM!
Here is the difference:
when you hire a personal trainer at $70-$150/hour to come workout with you, they drive to your home and they work with what they are able to pack in and out or what you have in your home. MOST of the time that means NO MACHINES! Personal trainer success rates per person are much higher than gyms because you are NOT paying for a big fancy place with big fancy machines, instead you are paying for someone to hold you accountable, keep you on track, measure your progress and keep you motivated as well as educate you on improving your habits. This is what Phazes offers at a FRACTION of the price and you come to us or talk to a trainer over the phone instead.

Now, let's take a look at those big gyms and see why Phazes Fitness decided to do something different.
Big gyms count on you not going regularly. they put machines in because it's easier than telling everyone what workout to do next or to have a trainer watching and working with everyone there. Here is the other thing: larger gyms make their money off of the 2/3 of memberships that are never used! They oversell memberships and count on YOU NOT SHOWING UP! That way they can afford the big machines that take maintenance. they also count on you becoming so needy for machines that you don't know how to workout on your own at your home or anywhere else. YOU NEED THEIR EQUIPMENT! Or so the majority of gym goers think. When you become dependent on equipment for your fitness results, you will ALWAYS NEED a gym.

At Phazes our goal is to educate and empower you to develop a healthy fit lifestyle. We WANT you to show up or take part in your trainer calls and not miss! We want you to see results!

Take advantage of our incredible Price that every trainer out there is so mad at me for charging. I have heard I am insane for offering training at this price. maybe. Other Personal Trainers are charging an average of $70-$150/hour and remote trainers one on one are charging the same for a one on one phone call (not conference call or recording) to get REAL help from YOUR OWN TRAINER. Phazes only charges as little as $20/month for remote assistance (one on one calls, workouts and menu plans e-mailed) and we just charge as little as $25/month for our on-site training! WOW!
Seriously? I just read this and thought to myself "Duuude, I am crazy! what am I thinking?".
I am just passionate about this service and REALLY believe that you should not have to be wealthy to afford a typical personal trainer if you want that kind of assistance and a better chance at success. Anyone that can afford a gym membership should be able to get that assistance and hope for success.

I will even let you try it out for free and see if it is for you.
e-mail me at or cal 435-680-4025. Leave a message and I will get back to you to see what we can do for you!