"I don't have time to exercise."

I have heard this phrase hundreds of times.
You don't have time for the gym.
You have a demanding full-time job.
You might be a single mom on top of that.
You don't have room in your house to follow most workout videos, and even if you did, you kids are climbing on you or needing you when you are home.
You are too tired when you get home to do anything else.
all you want is to take a nap once you are done with your day and getting up earlier just makes you sick thinking about it.
I get it.

SO... the question is, how do you get fit in NO extra time?
Here are a few tips:

Tip #1 - change your EATING frequency and portions!!!!
There are Millions of Stories of people who have lost weight JUST by changing what they are putting into their bodies. instead of 2-3 larger meals and skipping meals, try increasing the number of times you eat to 5-6 times a day. WHAT?? can this really help you lose weight? ABSOLUTELY! By making sure your meals are healthier and more frequent and you are not GORGING yourself, your metabolism naturally rises to meet the needs of burning that fuel rather than slowing down for just the few big meals to keep on longer. more small healthy meals = faster metabolism/calorie burn! few big meals = Slow metabolism/ less calories burned. Just make sure these small meals are full of healthy food and not chips and sugar and all the yucky stuff that causes food addictions. more on this later...

Tip #2 - Take away Soda(or any carbonated beverage)and replace carbonation with a flavored water or juice with no added sugars.
I would add Carbonated water and energy drinks that have carbonation to the list of harmful carbonated beverages. Carbonation releases gasses that interfere with your ability to use oxygen during your workouts. There is also research saying carbonation can distend the midsection. Hmmmm... If I want to lose inches around my midsection, I would NOT take in any carbonation. how much time does that simple change make?

Tip #3
EAT CLEAN! See how much this will change your body! I was amazed at the ability I had to lose weight and gain muscle just by changing a few things.
- replace sugar with Stevia or Agave nectar
- replace white flour with whole grains
- replace processed foods with natural foods with no preservatives. have you ever thought about how your body processes preservatives? Just eat REAL food. I like to say God-made food, versus Man-made food is better for your body.
My FAVORITE site on this subject: http://www.eatcleandiet.com/ make this your eating BIBLE! The time it takes to Eat Clean is just a little shopping and reading labels. I no longer just grab whatever off the shelves. I read while I shop and I follow the Eat Clean Menus or something as similar as I can. I LOVE the flavor of my food too. VERY yummy. I feel like I am eating gourmet foods instead of boxed meals. My kids love them too! Subscribe to their magazine and get meal plans for families on a budget. It's a great resource.
Other information to support Eating Clean:

Tip #4 - don't park so close and take the stairs...
I laugh when I see people fight for the closest parking spots at grocery stores and office buildings and malls. You see it too, right? People getting angry that someone stole their parking space they were politely waiting for. what if you parked further away and got to jog just 30-40 seconds to the place you need to get to? Just a quick calorie burn. Do you take an elevator to get anywhere? Quit today! find the stairs. you have to take them in case of fire anyway, why not get ready for that day so you aren't huffing and puffing in the stair case and blocking traffic. I used to LOVE running the Stairs with my business partner Robin Sanderson while attending conventions at various Hotels. It was a lot of fun! Plus it will build muscle in your legs which will burn more calories while at rest.

Tip #5 - Don't sit! people will think you are weird, but take your chair away and stand! put your desk up higher if you can or raise your computer or other work area/station if possible. Standing will burn more calories throughout the day. One of my favorite clients said she has done this while she works. she gets teased a little, but she has lost 20 pounds. So, tease away work associates! OR replace your Chair with a swiss ball or exercise ball to sit on while you try the workouts listed on tip number 7.

Tip #6 - let your kids climb on you. Some of you have kids at home that climb on you while you work out - LET THEM! it adds to the workout! I just pick up my 2 year old while trying to do Squats. Its harder! He climbed on my back while doing pushups. I am not strong enough (like my husband) to do pushups with a baby on my back. But trying build more strength. SO... Laugh a little at your child's attempt to ruin your workout at home and let them climb and pull on your legs. you may not be able to do everything JUST like you want, but work around it! Lay your kid on your belly and do crunches while saying "boo!" when you come up. put your child on one ankle and try and lift your legs up so they get a ride while you build quad strength. put them on the floor and do pushup to their face and kiss them as you go down to their level.

Tip #7 - Office exercises... I understand many of you have full-time desk jobs. It's tough! I get it. are you getting office butt? Take a 2 minute exercise break to do this workout every hour.
- 15 chair squats
- 15 wall pushups
- 15 chair crunches
- 15 leg lifts
- repeat
this will also help clear your head. studies have shown that exercise breaks at work increase productivity! wow! so if your boss wonders what you are up to...
Show him/her this link:
If your workplace offers a gym - USE IT!

Tip #8 - JUST DO IT NOW! too many times I see someone who is severely obese tell me ALL the reasons imaginable why they CANNOT work out right now and that someday they will start when this problem or the other is gone.
One man told me he can't workout because he has knee problems. Well, did you know there are exercises you can do that don't use knees? NO EXCUSES! if you say "I can't workout because..." you have just said the equivalent to "I want to stay unhealthy because I like these issues that give me excuses to stay where I am. I like being unfit, unhealthy. I like the idea that in 20 years someone else will have to take care of me, if I happen to still be alive."

Yeah... not for me. I love being able to run my dog, play tag with my kids and have fun...
which brings me to Tip #9
the most important tip
Schedule it in. I am sorry, But I JUST CAN'T buy that you don't have any time!
it's a matter of priorities. You need to be healthy, you need to have a healthy mind, body and spirit and it isn't all about losing weight. It's about having a healthy whole self that enjoys life!
if you have a family, when was the last time you joined a game of tag with them?
when was the last time you went on a hike to watch the sunset?
choose something enjoyable to do every week with those you love! Make it a date, make it a family fun day. Just do it!
here are some ideas to get you started if you aren't sure where to get started:
do these with family or friends and as you get creative you may think up some more on your own:
- paintball
- hiking (my favorite to go watch the sunset somewhere romantic and take a healthy dinner and juice with us)
- basketball, football, softball, soccer games
- kayaking or canoeing
- tag in the park
- take your dog for a run/long walk
- go find someone that needs help with yard work and do it as a group of buddies for a widow. you can burn a lot of calories if you approach yard work as a workout.

Learn to love the process of changing habits not just to lose weight, but to further enjoy life. This is what this is about - loving and enjoying the life you were blessed with. You have a body take care of it and see what it can do for you.