I wanna be SKINNY!!!!!!

Well,don't most of us?
this craze to be skinny has led people to try extreme and expensive tricks to get there leaving them with continued bad habits, heart problems and messed up metabolism.
SO, can you get skinny? is it possible to do it and be smart?
yes, there are short term solutions that millions try and then need to find something more permanent that takes a little hard work.
Here are the ONLY REAL keys to sustained fat loss and a trim waistline:
#1 - cardio workouts! This is sustained acitvity for a period of time while getting your hear into a "training zone". fast walks, running, biking, long distance swimming, hard kayaking, a good hike - these things can get you there. You can get cardio combined with strength training in some fitness programs. this is what we offer at Bootcamp and is THE BEST way to cut fat FAST! This is ideal for fat loss. It's the reason kettlebell classes are so popular - a tough workout combined with weight training. the reality is, most of the same exercises can be done with regular hand weights and even bands. It's just one more way to get YOU excited about working out and trying something new.
#2 - Change your eating habits. one client told me her philosophy used to be "I wanted to do bootcamp with you so that I could get skinny and lose weight, but then I learned that it is not as effective. So I am now ready to change my eating habits to match up to my fitness habits." SWEET! that is music to my ear. as a past Oreo Addict myself (whole package all by myself in one sitting with a gallon of milk - sound familiar? me too.) I TOTALLY get the idea of "I'll workout so I can eat what I want". the problem is, it is just not SMART! it makes your workouts less effective, your body isn't fueled right, your lacking the right kind of energy, etc... smartest eating program is the EAT CLEAN diet - basically eat fresh food! check out cleaneatingmag.com
#3 - Strength training... OK the top 2 can get you thin if you do them for a while and stick with it. But want to get tight abs? or just continually burn fat and increase the effects of your workout tenfold? STRENGTH TRAINING!!!!!
wow... I am always amazed at the difference this makes in overall health and energy levels. find a good workout program that incorporates building strength into your body, whether it's using weights, fancy equipment, or just your own body weight, there are hundreds of programs and plans out there. we at Phazes offer our Bootcamps as well as workout programs to be emailed every week with your menu plan as well as access to you OWN trainer (Persaonl, one on one! Not conference call like a program I used to belong to. Or come into our Studio and work with a trainer directly!)
#4 - decide that this is a lifelong goal!!! how many crazy diets have you tried and failed with or just lasted for a moment? what will the next one be? QUIT IT!!!!!!!
Get smart, and change some habits! Food addiction is as bad as Heroin addiction. It's not overeating that's killing you, it's eating the wrong foods that can bring you down. put down the donuts, cookies, chips, replace the bad stuff in your home with some good stuff! mostly veggies and whole grains. then get out and move your body. get off facebook for an hour and workout! take a look at your lifestyle and see if there are changes you can make that will benefit you.

Something I did that has made a difference - I leave work at work or leave my laptop behind and keep it closed. I limit my facebook time to just 30 minutes a day. (no more yoville, mafia wars, etc... - it's going to kill YOU!)

anyway,that's what was on my mind today.
Get up and move today! Get your loved ones and go out and do something adventurous!
- Michelle