Strength training while walking or running...

Check out the walking/running workout later on in this blog and Think about the women you know that have said they do not want to strength train because they don't want to get bulky. This is something I have heard numerous women say about starting a strength training regimen. They seem to think just going for a casual walk everyday is going to fix all their problem areas. It might. I'm not saying it won't if you walk fast, squeeze your butt, get your heart rate up and work while you walk and maybe even bring some hand weights along to do some arms or follow the workout plan below. HOWEVER... many people do not get everything they need from walking. while it does burn calories and is great for an aerobic exercise, it is not considered a strength training exercise to increase muscle tone - which is better for long term results in weight loss and fitness. SO, add to your walking routine some strength training. put the challenge to the test. and THEN after trying it for a few month regularly see if I am wrong.

are you still nervous about getting bulky if you do strength training? seriously?
I'm going to say it, and I know someone out there may hate me for saying this, BUT, the only people I have heard say they don't want to get bulky, are already bulky... with fat... I'm sorry, but if you have a large frame and never will be the hourglass shape, why not have some muscle instead of fat? why not have strength?

in reality... in the years I assisted women toward fitness, I have never had anyone go from overweight to "SHE-Hulk" bulky. I have however seen women get toned arms, cut fat have some definition Plus calories burn easier with strength training. the only women I know who are getting She-Hulk style bulky are those that are taking some sort of "enhancement" to compete with the men (if you know what I mean). Did you know that strength training is the best and cheapest method of an all over body lift? if your arms are flabby and your legs are shapeless, adding resistance training can change the shape and improve the look of your body.

So, do not Stop walking - just add to it!
Here is a great walking routine (or jogging or running) for adding strength training while you go (slightly altered from the workout designed by Phazes Trainer Kim Mower):
warm up - walk or jog for 2 minutes
now pick up the speed and speed walk,jog or run for 2 more minutes depending on your fitness level
Stop: 15 pushups (full-out, knee, against a bench or tree depending on fitness level)
Pick it up again: speed walk, jog or run for 5 minutes
Stop: 20 walking lunges
Pick it up again: for 5 minutes
Stop: 15 tricep dips on curb or rock or on the ground
Pick it up again: 5 minutes
Stop: 15 Squats
Pick it up for 5 minutes again...
and repeat this workout for as long as you want on your walk, jog, or run.
cool down with a really nice stretch.

Enjoy doing this workout for 3 months and see if it changes your body shape. this will not turn you into a SHE HULK, it will re-shape you and give you a great all over body lift. check it out!
let us know your results!
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Enjoy your fitness journey!
- Michelle