Thanksgiving tips

Happy Thanksgiving!
First off I need to express my thanks to God for
- my health
- a body that can get off the couch and play football with my brothers
- a beautiful place to live and see the sunset over the mountains around my home
- a husband that loves to kayak and enjoys nature as much (or more) as I do and that we adore each other.
and finally I am thankful for tons of food.
Yes, I do love that Thanksgiving Feast sprawled out before us every year. But this is the time of year that Americans typically gain 10 pounds they try and lose the next year. It started at Halloween with all that candy. right?
then we have Thanksgiving and Christmas, and New Year's. Lots of parties, loved ones, food, TV, sitting on the couch and eating till we pop. sound like your holiday season?
It's pretty typical.
I love the season because of all the joy we focus on. I also do love the food and find out where my weaknesses are.
let's try a few things this year during this season
#1 - plan activities that get you up and moving! I used to love taking a walk in the morning with my sisters and sisters in law during family gatherings. we giggle and walk. last time we gathered they wanted me to take them through a sample of a bootcamp workout. it was a riot! great memories
or how about planning or participating in favorite sporting event following the food and dishes. go play football while the turkey cooks or go after you've cleared the table.
how about a long nature walk or hike? take an hour to go out and see what has been given to you to enjoy in the earth around you.
tell us what your fun activities are going to be.
#2 - drink LOTS of water!!!! this is a great tip for over-eaters. drink a glass of water a few minutes before it's time to eat, drink a glass before you take your first bite, drink a glass after you are finished with what was on your plate (before you think about loading up for seconds), drink before any snacking, drink after meals, drink a LOT!!!! this will not only help you feel more full and satisfied, but it will also help clear out toxins and keep your body running right.
#3 - YOU be in charge of one really yummy healthy dessert. try something with fresh fruit. how about sliced strawberries lightly sweetened with Stevia. eat it with yogurt. or put in angel's food mini dessert. there are a lot of dessert that are yummy and healthy that everyone can enjoy. I found a ton in the Clean Eating magazine or just google the words "fresh healthy desserts". You need to be in control of the food in front of you. so if you are not the main chef of your thanksgiving feast, ask if you can contribute something for dessert or a great salad. load up on the fresh foods and limit the pie content
#4 - enjoy! I do follow the belief that if you eat right 6 days a week, the 7th day of "relaxing" isn't such a big deal. So, don't beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon on your meal plans. pick up the next day, make some turkey soup and salad and fruit, take a good walk or run with your friends and have a great time this weekend!
#5 - tell us what you are thankful for as well. we would love to hear the good news in your life. every time you focus on good things around you, it helps to lessen stress which in turn reduces your risk of developing self destructive habits. so focus on all the good around you and tell the world!
have a great Thanksgiving weekend!