12.21.09 workout of the week

here's the workout for next week!
Push yourself and see what you can do!
remember checking in with your tainer will keep you motivated and accountable to your fitness goals no matter what they may be.
these are "do anywhere" workouts. you get better results when you move quickly from one exercise to the next.
a fite body can come with NO equipment! If you do not have hand wieghts or dumbbells, just grab some water bottles and do the exercises faster if you are more fit. the stronger your body is the more I want you to hold your muscles tight, and blast through the workout hard and fast! if you are less fit and a beginner - take your time, ease into it if needed. work up a sweat. don't be afraid of getting a little out of breathe and working hard. keep your back straight and shoulders down.
Good luck. I would love feedback from those of you who are trying the workouts - tell me how it is going for you.

You can take advantage of using a Trainer from Phazes either with the remote plan or the local plan. the best successes come when you have someone you are accountable to that helps you set goals. Call us today to see if a Phazes Membership would benefit you.

Happy Holidays!