Anna May's testimonial

Anna May just had her monthly fitness assessment. she lost 2 inches from her thighs and an inches from her hips. Plus her heart is stronger! she cut of 12 seconds from her timed 1/4 mile "jog/run" and had a better active heart rate following.
what that means is her heart muscle is gaining strength and her overall health is improving which gives many many benefits including.... well... I will shut up and let Anna May finish the story in her words:

"I love the personal training I get. I've never thought this type of training was for me and never thought I would be doing this (exercises recommended by Phazes trainers). But I am so glad I am determined to continue! I stand amazed that in just a short time my energy has increased, my desire to move and organize myself a little more has come back. with having to re-do my square foot gardens I have had the energy to stay with working for 2 1/2 hours. when I finished for the day I was NOT totally exhausted. I am amazed!"

I haven't received permission to share Anna May's age yet, so I won't until she says I can. But let's just say - she's not a teenie bopper and she's not in her 20 or 30's anymore... and well... she has wonderful grandchildren that she adores... that's what you get until I get her approval for her real age.

This is just another example of the fact that ANYONE can enjoy the benefits of no-equipment, body weight strength training. the results are awesome!