another success story from a 70 yr old client...

"Even though I have been OFF and I mean REALLY OFF my diet for 6 weeks (Thanksgiving through New Years... sound familiar?) I could easily see and feel how much stronger I am. I have been a beginner and really have not tried hard. seeing my improvement has really encouraged me to go for my New Years resolution - to work at the next fitness level and to try running barefoot!"
Helen - age 70 - of LaVerkin Utah - has had chronic hip pain from a serious horseback riding accident and a Snowmobile accident as well as other injuries from serious falls. Thanks for sharing your success story with us!

I have to laugh... Helen told me day one at her first fitness assessment that she had no desire to EVER run. it did not appeal to her at all. she said she never did and probably never would.

She improved her 1/4 mile jog by 4 full seconds with her heart rate improving as well!
What's most exciting to me about Helen's successes is that she went from a resting heart rate that was poor to an excellent heart rate that competes with athletes at her same age range! she also went from zero knee push ups to 20!!
How did she do it?
we used body weight strength training added to her regular cardio plan she was already doing. so her going off her diet kept her from gaining weight during the Holidays!

So yeah, we are excited over here!
Everyone at every age and every fitness level can benefit from "no-equipment" body weight training with the proper help and motivation!