Let's follow Sarah and her running adventure!

Sarah is a Long-time friend of mine who HATES running! read all about it on her blog. I have never ever pushed her to do this and she and I rarely if ever talked about fitness or weight issues (read her blog about how she hates to run - I think I am one of her friends that is friends with running that ignore Running issues - great blog - very funny). She has decided that if she gets 1,000 fans or followers on her blog and on facebook that she will run a mile. BUT (and here's the BIG BUTT) I am so happy to say that she has decided that not only will she run one mile - But she will run a 5K for the Susan G Komen Breast cancer run!
Now that is something I can really applaud! This is a great goal, a great purpose and a reason for getting into shape. when Sarah and I talked about her goals she insisted that her first goal was to be able to do this and that the weight comes second. THAT IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! having the ability to do something that would seem difficult to you in the past is more important than the vanity of losing inches. The inches come off in time depending on how hard you work.
So, Yes, Sarah... I am a BIG FAN and I will Follow your blog and we will track your progress here on our Blog as well! Go Girl!