Friday, February 5, 2010

would you like to know how I really feel?

I have been cautious in front of my friends regarding my opinion of quick fix diet methods. But I have to "come out" and say how I really feel... specifically regarding the fastest growing weight loss fix... HCG.

I HATE IT! some would think that I don't like it because they aren't using my methods for weight loss and are losing weight without exercise. THAT IS NOT IT! I have happily sent potential clients to outside sources that I believe in to assist them the best way possible for weight loss.

I heard of HCG over a year ago when I worked at a fitness club and was observing a client work out that had lost a LOT of weight. the ladies at the club began talking about her "magic shot" that caused her to lose so much weight. This client had to finish her 30 minute workout after 15 minutes because she was feeling faint. I started asking questions that day. I asked her what she was eating: 500 calories. WHAT?? I couldn't believe it. I asked her if she thought that that might be the reason she was feeling light headed during her beginner level workout. that's when she confided in me that she really wasn't supposed to do anything more than just walking. OH.... hmmm.... red flags much?

Then I ran into a friend that used to run marathons that can't run a mile anymore.
Then at Bootcamp I had a client pass out on my during a workout.
Then I had someone at Dance Fit have to sit down.
Then I had a lady fall over at bootcamp.
Then I had another friend develop heart problems.
Another friend developed blood clots.
ALl of these people used HCG.

SO yes, I am concerned. I hear people rant and rave about how amazing it is and I try and be respectful for people making their own choices of how they choose to live. But I feel stongly that I MUST SAY SOMETHING.

I have been researching HCG for over a year now because it sounded too good to be true. what I have found out is astounding! First of all let me say that everyone has a Base Metobolic Rate they need to keep their heart beating, keep liver, kidney, brain etc... all functioning and their individual weight and activity level. then their is another BMR for weight loss. read that article entirely to find out more about weight loss and calories.

The "gentleman" that wrote the book on HCG has been found guilty of mulitiple counts of fraud. The "science" backing HCG has never been proven. The placebo and the HCG given to people in the double blind study had the very same results! all people who ate practically nothing lost weight! and at the same rate!

I have read the American Medical Associations report on HCG - it's NOT GOOD! I have read the FDA's report on HCG.

"A clinical study of the use of human chorionic gonadotrophin in weight reduction.

Miller R, Schneiderman LJ.

Treatment of obesity with human chorionic gonadotrophin was shown to be of no better value than saline in a double-blind crossover study of weight reduction in obese subjects. There was also no significant difference in mood, hunger, or missed injections, and no apparent difference in adherence to diet when the two agents were compared. In contrast, a significant difference was found in the ability of subjects to lose weight in the first four weeks of the study in contrast with the second four weeks, no matter which agent was used. Thus, the initiation of a new therapeutic program, even using an inert agent, has a temporary benefit--a manifestation both of placebo effect and the Hawthorne effect.

PMID: 321723 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]"

Does the diet work? YES!!!!!
Is it healthy? No.

years ago we would call this diet an anorexic diet and we would see people suffering from heart problems from eating this little. and we would institutionalize them or send them to a therapist or other doctor to overcome this eating disorder.

Are there people that see no ill effects? absolutely!
are there people suffering because of HCG? absolutely!

It's like smoking - some people will die from cancer because of cigarettes, others will not. But Cigarette smoke kills. they know it and we know it. It doesn't kill everyone that smokes. But it kills a LOT of people that smoke.

HCG is the very same. Not EVERYONE will have problems. there will be some that have amazing results with no complications. and then, there will be those that I have witnessed with heart problems, blood clots and other complications.

Here you go: I could not find this on any website SELLING HCG!
Negative side effects: The common side effects include headaches, mood swings, depression, blood clots, confusion, and dizziness. Some women also develop a condition called Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS); symptoms of this include pelvic pain, swelling of the hands and legs, stomach pain, weight gain, shortness of breath, diarrhea, vomiting/nausea, and/or urinating less than normal. (THIS IS MY FAVORITE - THE ACTUAL RESULTS! AND THESE SAME RESULTS ARE POSTED ON A VARIETY OF OTHER REPUTABLE MEDICAL JOURNALS AND REPORTS!!!!!

The facts are these: YES you will lose weight eatig 500 calories
NO there is NO proof of HCG making a difference when compared to the Placebo given.
Many HCG shots are given with a vitamin b12/b6 shot as well to give the feeling of increased energy.

Many people I have talked to have never tried a "Clean eating diet" before trying HCG. when I mention the idea of giving up soda, sugar, white flour and processed food, the response is "that sounds too restrictive, I think I will just do HCG." no, really. I am serious. anyone who know anything about HCG knows the ridiculousness of that statement. HCG is Clean Eating "on Crack". Clean eating says to eat more food in the right amounts all day and not worry about calories and to work out so you burn fat and gain muscle. It is proven! people are losing weight and having stronger heart and bodies and they have longer term success. It is the SMARTEST way to lose weight and get fit.

So before you go try HCG, give a good workout regimen that includes strength training and clean eating a shot for 6 months. if you follow that and it doesn't work... I will eat my words. Literally, I will print this blog out and chew on it and swallow it down. I give HCG a few years before it follows the way of Phen Phen.

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