March 1st workouts

This week's workouts starts with a variety of ways to do glute bridges. The idea iss to do a little "overkill" in that area right off the bat. depending on your fitness level in that area, it may be too strenuous for some and too easy for others. If you need to add weights - feel free to set weights on your hips to add resistance as you press up. You want to fee the burn in your glutes at the beginning of the workout.
with the pushups - see what you can do. don't hold yourself back. if you need more intensity try one handed or ask me for more ideas. If you need less instensity - use the wall as you build up strength.
with exercises that recquire weights - use a weight that allows you to complete the recommended number of reps with effort. I want you to get to the point of fatigue toward the end of the reps, not the beginning. If you are trying to get "bulky" you will want weights that are a ot heavier than my recommended weight sizes. my workouts are designed to have lighter weights and higher number of reps for longer leaner muscles. Not bulky mass. so most men I work with feel like the weights are too light, if this is you - you may want to talk to me about what your goals are and we can adjust the workout for you. e-mail me at and ask about remote training programs to assist you in achieving your goals.


  1. The pictures are a real help in learning how to do some of these exercises. For example, I wasn't sure what Bridging leg lifts was exactly, but after seeing the picture, I now know how to effectively perform this specific exercise.


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