Wednesday, March 3, 2010

some more client results from the last month

Phazes does NOT promise dramatic short term results. one of the biggest problems we are facing with getting fit in our Nation is the bombardment of fast weight loss results. we offer effective training to assist you in building a strong healthy body for the long haul. you may not lose 30 pounds in 30 days. But you will not be yo-yoing back and forth from weight loss to even more weight gain as is the result of those "big promise" weight loss programs.

These results are from working out 30 minutes a day sometimes 3 times a week, sometimes 5 days a week and some changing their eating habits others not.

Here are the results some of our clients had at their monthly fitness assessment in February:

Monica lost 4 inches! (2 of those from her abdomen)Her arm strength improved from 6 knee pushups to 20!

Priscilla lost 4 pounds last month(7 pounds total since she first signed up)
and she lost 3 inches last month (5 since she signed up 2 months ago. She also improved from 2 knee pushups to 16!

Vanessa lost 3 pounds last month and 2 inches! she also improved from not being able to do ANY knee pushups to doing 8!

Katie lost 3 pounds and 3 inches last month

Jeri Lost 3 inches mostly from her hips. and Her flexibility increased by 4 inches.

Saddie lost 3 pounds and 2 inches mostly from her waistline. she lost 7 pounds since she signed up and 6 inches since her first day 2 months ago. Saddie couldn't do ANY FULL Pushups at first and now does 8.

Valerie can do 9 more in-n-out crunches than she could a month ago. which means her core strength and balance is vastly improved. and since she deals with fibromaylgia this is really important.

Anna May (age 70) has gained muscle! she hasn't lost a pound but she has lost 5 inches! that means her mass is losing fat and gaining muscle! her heart is stonger and she RAN and cut 30 seconds off her timed run! HUGE IMPROVEMENT and is very exciting for working with someone over age 65. anna May can now do 12 knee pushups when she used to do ZERO! I am very very pleased with these results! her balance and strength is vastly improving.

Alison lost 4 pounds this month and 1 inch off her waistline in February. She also does 5 more FULL pushups than she did when she started. and her core and balance improved with 6 more in-n-out crunches.

Steve gained 2 pounds of muscle Pushup form has improved and he beat his timed run by 8 seconds!

Christy lost 2 pounds and nearly 9 inches!!!!! what? the girl is burning fat and gaining muscle. 22 Knee pushups up from 10 before.

Monica Lost 2 pounds last month and almost 2 inches. she also does 8 more pushups than she could do before and 16 more in-n-out crunches than she used to do. as well as an improved heart rate going from below average to good.

Katie has lost 2 inches off her abs! she can do 25 pushups when she used to do just 12 Knee pushups. She couldn't do ANY In-in-out crunches when she first came to us and now she busts out 20!

Brandy is an interesting story. although she has gained 2 pounds (how you say?) she has LOST nearly 9 inches!!!... that happens when you are doing strength training. and her heart health went from poor to above average.

Wendy Lost 30 pounds and 30 inches in 9 months.

SO... Most of these results happened in 1 or 2 months since our studio opened. Like I said earlier - I NEVER promise dramatic FAST results. I HATE looking at the scale. But we do anyway so that you can have something to tell people other than that you have increased energy and muscle tissue.
my average client is a woman over 200 pounds that is tired of gaining and losing, gaining and losing and wants to find a way to get healthy and keep the weight off once and for all. most have tried every imaginable method of weight loss and have lost 10 - 30 pounds in a month and gained more back afterward.

The Phazes method is to teach our clients that they do NOT need fancy equipment and programs to get REAL fitness results. what they need is a long term accountability program to keep on track for more than 6 months. Most Americans give up on a fitness program after the first 2-3 months before they see any real results. I teach my clients that real results come after they get their strength up and their heart stronger so their bodies can handle more intense workouts.

I remind my clients that we are NOT on Biggest loser and have the privelage of working out 6 hours a day with a nutritionist on staff to assist in meal prep. we are at home dealing with work, families, schedules, and going out to dinner with our friends. we deal with daily temptation and do NOT have a huge cash prize over our heads to keep us focused on our weight loss goal.

As much as I love the weight loss challenge style TV series, I hate what is has done to the weight loss mentality of our nation. we watch people losing 10 pounds a week and wonder what is wrong if we see smaller numbers when we step on the scale or if we see weight gain. we freak out!
I HATE guaging fitness by the scale. at some point it needs to be tossed out completely. REAL fitness results are looking at what you can do now that you couldn't do before. how is your heart? are you able to get off meds? diabetes? are you passing out walking the block? do you feel better? do you want to keep feeling better? than keep going!

4 pounds a month is Awesome! where will you be in 10 months? 2 years? keep up the great work! I love following the Story of Ruby who has lost 300 pounds coming down from being over 700 pounds in 2007 and now is around 300. there were good weeks and bad weeks, there were months when she put weight on and months when it melted off. there is more that goes into weight loss than just how much you eat and exercise, there are factors such as hormone levels, stress etc... Diet and exercise improve most of those conditions, but some things do take time. when you ask someone that has lost a dramatic amount of weight what they would say to others, they always say "just stick with it even when you want to give up."

I have lost 30 pounds since 2009 and gone down from size 12-14 to 6-8
Wendy Lost 30 pounds and 30 inches and is also back in her size 8's! her goals was to get back into her 12's
but these results are permanent long-term results and we are running races together and feeling great without shots, surgery, or other drastic expensive measures.
a combination of Bootcamp, remote training and in-house training assists clients to get results. Wendy has done all 3 programs depending on her situation in life.'

what do you want to do? where do you want to be in one year? what can we do for you?

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