More client results...

Every Month we ask our clients to do a fitness assessment. This test includes weight and inches lost (or gained for those trying to gain muscle mass). But it also includes testing strength, heart rate, endurance, core strength, and flexibility. Here are some of the results we had in the last little bit from just a few of our clients...

Saddie - "It's so exciting to see lumpy places turning flat again!" Saddie Lost 7 inches and 8lbs! she went from 2 knee pushups to 11 pushups on her toes!

Vanessa - "With Michelle's encouragement I didn't give up. Thank you!" she has lost 12 pounds and 17.5 inches! PLUS she went from not being able to even use her shoulders and arms much (no pushups...etc...) Now she does 17 knee push-ups! she couldn't do a single "in and out" crunch and now she does 20! And most importantly - her resting heart rate went from 96 BPM to 72 BPM!!! that is freakin awesome!

Priscilla - "I feel stronger and I am starting to look forward to my workouts. I am lovin the couch to 5K training!" She has lost 7 pounds and 10.5 inches. Pushup went from 2 on her knees to doing 25!

Tricia - (a bootcamp client) "The bootcamp experience has been amazing. I feel so much stronger, flexible. I see results and have gained confidence in myself."
She's lost 5 pounds and 3.5 inches. RHR went from 78BPM to 66BPM.

Karyn - (bootcamper) " workouts are hard but they have imnproved my strength and pushed me where I never thought I could go. I am excited for more!" Karyn has lost 12 pounds and 8.5 inches. she went from 8 knee pushups to 20. Her flexibility has increased by 4 inches. AB test went from 4 to 28!!! (wow!)

Alison lost 3 pounds, and 3 inches. Her RHR went from 72BPM to 60BPM. she does 30 full pushups (on her toes) instead of 15! Flexibility was increased by 3.5 inches. her abs test went from 15 to 27!

WE LOVE Fitness assessment days!
If you want to get in better shape, lose weight, increase endurance, and fitness - Let me know!