Monday, June 21, 2010

Food for thought

There are a LOT of tips on how to lose weight and what is the best method of "dieting" for weight loss. Some of them work. Some don't. Some are hard to follow, some are really simple. Some are just plain crazy.

One of my favorite eating plans is the CLEAN EATING lifestyle.

Here are just a few simple things I love about it in a nutshell:
1 - you are never HUNGRY!!!!!
2 - it keeps your metabolism high rather than dips and valleys
3 - it's a way our bodies were meant to eat naturally
4 - I can snack a lot
5 - I am eating yummier food than ever!

My kids have not had hamburger helper or boxed mac and cheese in a couple of years. We eliminated most processed foods from our home. Believe it or not, it did NOT take that long for my family to adjust. I have a couple of picky eaters. I just make sure that I always have a fresh veggie or fruit that they will eat when we are trying something new. Trust me, your kids will NOT starve if you switch what they are used to eating.

What I noticed for my kids was that a lot of anger management issues that I was told needed to be medicated - WENT AWAY!!!! Plus they are all happier healthier kids!

What I noticed for me was that I was able to burn off more fat even when my workouts were not as "hard core". My body was learning how to burn fuel efficiently rather than storing it as fat cells.

If you are eating clean, you do NOT NEED to do a cleanse, because the cleanse happens naturally!

There are a lot of things that define a truly CLEAN EATING lifestyle. some things may be difficult to change in your life than others. so try just a couple of things you can change right now. I am a busy mom, so I struggled with how to make FAST meals on a limited budget that my kids would eat. I was also a carb and sugar addict.
SO some of the changes we have made that are working at my home are these:
- always keep a rotisserie chicken (fully cooked) in the fridge and some whole wheat tortillas and some spinach and salsa - it a quick chicken wrap on the go. - Or just choose something fast and easy that is high protein and includes fresh veggies as your "staple" to have around all the time just in case...
- always pre-select healthy snack for the kids that stay in the middle of the kitchen table (grapes, apples, carrots, hummus dip, raisins, etc...) this keeps the kids and me from making poor eating choices when we are "STARVING".
- NO MORE SODA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only at parties - we treat soda like we do cake! it's not that we can't have it, it's that it is just a TREAT!
- Sugary treats are once a week - not every day! Snacks should be mini meals that FUEL your body!

and finally - about the cost...?
well, I personally spend about the same. I don't do coupon clipping since most of the food on those coupons is about as nutritious or less nutritious than rat food. BUT what I do is participate in a food purchasing co-op called bountiful baskets. ( Plus I am trying to grow some food in my garden. I am new at this, so I will let you know how that goes.

but when you eliminate cookies, soda, chips, and fast food, it's AMAZING how much more money you can find for REAL food!
Remember that food is FUEL for you body! DO not gum up your engine with false food that has no value.

Also- if you want more ideas, call us or e-mail us and we will help you find a plan that suits YOU!
- Michelle

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