Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Never Too Early or Too Late To Start!

Bill here. I could not resist today. You have GOT TO SEE this video clip.

It amazes me that our bodies have seemingly infinite capacity for improvement - at any age, and at any stage. I'll let you watch the clip and see just HOW OLD THIS GUY IS, physically - but it has little bearing on his mental acuity and exuberance levels.

We've been blessed with these phenomenal organic machines to carry our spirits and minds in, machines that can respond dramatically to the proper stimulus. From a physical standpoint, that stimulus should be the right combination of nutrition, hydration, exercise (including stretching!), and rest.

At Phazes, we also like to emphasize the importance of getting outdoors, engaging the environment, and spending time with family and friends.

I want to share two things with you:

1) Michelle has taken me from 210 lbs and 10 pull-ups to 200 lbs and 17 pull-ups. I actually get our two small boys or one of our 70-80 lb kids on my legs and hit the bar with my clavicle! Michelle, thank you!

2) I love kayaking. I was a strong paddler last year, and now it feels comparatively effortless, as I've increased my back and core strength dramatically. Michelle, THANK YOU.

Enjoy the video, and reconsider your outlook on life!

- Bill

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