FIRE! Family Home Gone in Minutes - Years of Photos Vanish Forever. Phazes to Host Photo Recovery Project!

On Saturday, June 26th, my friend Ann Wixom lost her home to a fire. I have known Ann for years as an avid scrapbooker that attended my retreats and workshops I ran when I was a regional leader in the scrapbooking business I ran previous to focusing on my fitness career.

Ann's family has lost nearly everything they owned. The community is pulling together to provide clothing and other necessities, and the local grocery store, Farmer's Market, donated a shopping cart full of groceries yesterday. Other relief efforts are underway, but there are some things that you can't buy in a store - family photo albums.

BUT, I know Ann. She'll put things in perspective. No one died, they have insurance, etc., but she is devastated about the lost photos that melted away into the burning black mass of charred household. So, I am going to be asking the local community to search their photos of school events, boy scouting, church and/or other community events, and see if they have any photos of Ann's kids or family.

If you have any, feel free to bring them over to Phazes Fitness. Every Thursday night at 8:30pm (following stretch fit or Zumba) we will have space and tables and tools out to help Ann create more pages. I will also have my scanner available to scan the pages in and get them uploaded to a website where she can access her pages should "anything" happen to them in the future.

The first event will be this Thursday, July 1st at 8:30pm
So - your job is - if you live in the community to scour your photos and see if you have ANY shots of her kids at ANY events.
THEN - you need to bring them into Phazes Fitness.
THEN - if you are able to make some time - come help scan, or create pages for her.

I know this has very little to do with fitness being posted on the Phazes site. But as the owner of Phazes and having had a big part of Ann's scrapbooking journey in the past - I feel like I need to reach out in a way I know how.

I will not be posting a TON of blogs this week as I focus on Ann and her photo recovery project. If you have any questions or ideas or comments - feel free to leave them here or call me at 435-680-4025.

If you want to read more about the fire itself and my time spent with Ann and Rick Wixom - here is my personal blog with more information about that horrific event.


  1. I don't know the Wixoms, but I took photos of several events for the Hurricane Valley Journal in 2008, including Farmers' Days and the field day at LaVerkin Elementary. If you think they'd be helpful, I'll put them up on Photobucket and someone can check them out and download any relevant ones. Thjere are a couple of hundred photos.

  2. thanks! that would be GREAT! everything helps!


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