Friday, June 4, 2010

this week's workout and some thoughts...

So, I am posting the workout of the week... But I also have LOT on my mind (as usual).
take a look at this week's featured workout and then enjoy a few thoughts to keep you going...

Killer Core workout - I LOVE this one! remember to press your spine and belly button down into the ground. support your back with your abs. and push yourself. after a round do 30 jumping jacks and then do another set. how many times can you go through this workout in 30 minutes? an hour? fatigue?

I watched a show yesterday with a pretty young lady in her 20's was lamenting the idea of aging and freaking out about the idea of getting older. She actually said life would end for her at 30 years old. Today I met a incredible 91 year old woman that was once an avid runner. She said she ran the Boston marathon when she was 72 years old. Then I watched an interview with Tosca Reno (Clean eating icon) and when asked how she would celebrate her 50th birthday she said she was going to do her first triathlon.
Life is good when you take care of yourself. at some point we will all lose some of our abilities. I plan on going out of this life kicking and running and screaming with every fiber of my being. I plan on Playing hard - climbing, racing, running, hiking, and kayaking. I plan on eating the right kind of fuel so that my body runs as long as possible. I plan on treating myself like a high performance vehicle instead of a junker car. Junker cars we buy for a few hundred dollars and run into the ground and toss them aside. we are happy and lucky if we have them in a year.

Our performance vehicle - we wash, polish, put the the best fuel in it, get regular checkups and tune-ups,etc... we take care of it and we enjoy it. we take it out on the road and open it up. we feel good about it.
(I actually don't own anything other than a junker as a vehicle - but I am talking about your body if you haven't figured it out)

the Performance vehicle will run forever as long as you treat it like one. the car you treat like a junker - dies and goes to the junk yard.
How do you treat you?

do you want to be sitting in the junk yard next year? Or do you want to keep on rolling - enjoying the travels, the adventures, and the fun that is waiting for you?

Life gets better for those that take care of themselves. It really does! Life begins when you decide!
I talk to different people at different stages of life that have the attitude that life is just beginning for them. Here are some examples of what different people have said to me:

woman age 30 - I am finally getting back into shape. I feel like life has just begun. I am ready to start training for races finally.

Age 40 - Next year I am going to do the Iron man for the first time. I am faster and stronger than I have ever been!

age 50 - I don't know why I ate like garbage all my life. I finally changed my habits and my heart is healthier. I can walk without fainting.

Age 40 - since I lost all that weight I no longer have the knee and back problems I had for most of my life! I can actually do stuff I never have done before!

Age 70 - I can't believe how much more energy I have now than I did 10 years ago. I feel so much younger than I have in a LONG LONG time!

Age 70 - I am going to be joining my grandkids on hikes and kayaking and swimming this summer. Since I started changin my eating and lifestyle habits, I really can enjoy them so much more. I plan on seeing all of them graduate High School. I feel so much better now than I did Years ago.

age 90 - I ran a marathon at 72. I am up and around because I take care of myself. although my life is nearly over, I have lived - REALLY LIVED! I may live another 10 years and in that time, I plan on continuing to hike with my dogs and really living to the extent I am able.

And of course there are soooooo many Many stories of people like you who have decided that age is just a number and they get out and do something that amazes themselves. LIVE - REALLY LIVE!

So what are you doing this weekend? Me? - I am going to take swimming lessons to help get over my fear of water. I am going to go for a Bike ride and then I am going to go the lake with my kids and Kayak with my husband. what are you doing?

Get outside and PLAY!

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