Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Foot races...

Just last Saturday I had the chance to go to a celebration at the local park for a Celebration/carnival. There were games and booths, but not a lot since this is a small hick town where I live. But something they always have that I used to just watch were the silly races...
- wheel barrel
- gunny sack
- 3 legged
- sprints
and then Tug of war.

In the past, I would have just sat there and watched the ridiculous "idiots" that would get into those races. They look so ... lame...!

This year, I joined them.

At first I was just interested in getting my kids to move THEIR bodies. I know how tough wheel barrel races are as a Bootcamper. I thought it would be fun to convince my daughter and son to do it together. my son refused, so ME and my daughter entered the race. everyone that finished the race got Otter Pops. So of course my two younger sons wanted in on the action.

when they called the adults in - I decided to join in as well.

2 years ago, I would have been passing out and breathless (and unwilling completely) to do these races. This year, my kids and I were laughing together. I did the 3 legged race with my 2 year old and we giggled all the way across the finish line.

I enjoyed this years tiny little "carnival" at the park SOOOOO much more than any other year I had gone to it.

The difference - DOING STUFF that got me me MOVING WITH the kids instead of just sitting there.

Plus it sets a good example to the children.
I am talking to all the parents and granparents out there.
What kind of kids do you want to have follow you? what kind of example are you setting for them? If you just sit there, they will grow up and just sit there. If you play, they will learn that is what mommies (or daddies, or grandma's etc...) Do.

Plus I burned a few calories and didn't feel quite as guilty about the crappy hot dog, chips and sugary drinks I ate at the park... ooops. (I guess we will call that the cheat meal for the weekend).

I challenge you to PLAY with the kids this summer. at the next event you attend where they have ANYTHING that is supposed to get people on their feet - GET OFF YOUR BUTT and GET MOVING!

This is just one small way we can start to make serious changes in our nation and the habits our kids are developing. It's also one BIG way to start making life changes into a more active lifestyle.

Active lifestyle = healthy bodies

active lifestyle means you are moving your body instead of being sedentary.

So get up - get out - and PLAY with the kids! (whether or not they are yours)

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