Happy independence day! Here's the workout of the week followed by my thoughts of the day...
remember to push your self. workout at least 30 minutes a week!

So, It's independence day this weekend. it's a weekend of family and food and lots of fun!
I am so excited for the next week! I get to go spend a full week with my brothers and sisters and parents, nieces, nephews cousins, etc...
Guess what they want to do for family time this year? Sit around and play board games and eat chips all day?
GUESS AGAIN! MY family wants to go on family hikes, bike rides, kayaking, play soccer, volleyball and football and learn how to eat clean! at the end of the week we are doing a family triathlon! even my mother - a grandma of 30 grandkids - is joining in on all of it! Her reason - she told me she intends to live long enough to see all her grandkids graduate high school and make them each her famous jean quilts. I am thrilled!
It's so cool to have my mom and siblings all join in on this new "fitness adventure". My older brother is organizing a family relay team to do the long distance 100 mile plus relay races across the country. SO FREAKIN COOL!
I feel like I am part of an amazing team of people.

What can you do with your family or friends?
see if they will join you in an adventure toward healthy living!