Monday, July 19, 2010

what to do when you don't feel like doing anything...

It's monday! I took my rest days and then Monday morning my alarm goes off at 5am. I believe I am a LOT like everyone else. I hit the snooze button and think "really? what am I thinking? sleeping in isn't that bad, right?" I REALLY hate getting out of my bed when I feel so good in the bed.
We all know that exercise is important. we all KNOW that we should exercise. So why are the majority of the people we know (and maybe ourselves) so out of shape?

There are a LOT of reasons, a LOT of theories, and a LOT of excuses.

I live in southern Utah in the desert. yesterday is was over 110 degrees. someone told me it was 117. All I know is that in the summer - noone wants to leave the air conditioning or sweat more than they already are from just going out to the mailbox and back. It's a real struggle here.

The best time to work out in the desert summer is early morning when it hasn't reached 100 degrees just yet.

But what about the rest of the country?
The truth is the BEST time for anyone to work out is: whenever they can stick with the commitment! Or just anytime you WILL do it! There is a lot of research out there about the idea time to workout. The research that I follow tends to lean toward morning hours as the best way to start your day and boost your metabolism. If you missed your workout in the morning, it's still just fine to do a night workout.
As a famous shoe company says: Just do it!

When it comes to keeping motivated here are a few tips that help me:
#1 - have more than one workout buddy! I used to have a workout buddy (singular) but when she had to take a job that didn't allow her to continue to train with me, I dropped my training as well. When I have 2 or 3 people I am committed to meet for a workout, I do better at sticking with it knowing that if I am not there, I am letting them down as well as myself. This is why a class or group setting like Bootcamp or Zumba is so effective. You develop relationships with the people you workout with and they look forward to seeing you there.

#2 - When possible do your workout as early in the day as you possibly can! Get it "over with" for lack of better way of putting it. If you commit to yourself that every day you will workout a minimum of 30 minutes as soon as you roll out of bed you are more likely to get it done.

#3 - find the program that keeps you excited. drudgery is not FUN! I Love Bootcamp. I love that it pushes me, changes things up a little, and is TOUGH! I Love Zumba in that it is a Dance atmoshphere and feels like a dance party. I love Yoga becuase I am re-aligned and centered and can focus my mind and body. I love Running It clears my head and feels amazing to complete a race. I LOVE hiking and rock climbing in the adventurous side of me coming to the surface. I love kayaking, I love swimming (well, not really but I will soon). I love challenging myself to be better. So find something you can love to do and look forward to getting there.

Finally, set a goal that you want to accomplish and keep in front of you. maybe have it written on a card that is sitting my your alarm clock so when you wake up and wonder "why?" you can pick up the card instead of hitting snooze and read why.

Have a great morning and go for it!

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