Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who needs a trainer?

After I had started my Bootcamp business, a client of mine, Anne*, had lost a ton of weight and inches in a short time. She and I were talking and ran into a mutual friend of ours - Judy*. She commented on how great Anne looked. When Anne mentioned that she was working out with a trainer now instead of just going to the fitness center where Judy worked, Judy's comment was "Oh, Anne, you don't need a trainer! Just come back into the gym!"

Anne told her, "Judy, I've been going to the gym for YEARS, and haven't gotten the results I got in just a short time with the trainers at Bootcamp. I do need a trainer."

So who needs a trainer?
In my opinion - EVERYONE!
Let me explain - a personal trainer is used for a variety of purposes:
- help with weight loss
- improving nutrition and overall health
- building muscle
- tightening and toning
- improving speed and endurance
- recovering from inactivity
- reduce risk of injury by watching and correcting form and technique
- creating accountability
- providing motivation, etc...

Take a look at the list above and see if there is a SINGLE thing you would like to improve upon. If so, you may need a personal trainer.

Did you know that roughly 75% of gym memberships go mostly unused? Did you know that 75% of our nation is overweight and out of shape? Did you know that studies show when someone has a workout partner they are more likely to get results from their fitness program? Did you know that most people at the gym spend an hour or two and never get any results because of the time wasted time wandering from one place to another, chatting it up with friends or lack of "know how"?

A good trainer can help someone get more results in 30 minutes than the person can do on their own in an hour if they fit the "typical mold".

When I worked at a variety of different fitness centers, I was frustrated when I would discover that someone had been coming in, doing the same workout for the past 5 years and was still in the same condition as they were the first day they came in. I was frustrated when people "couldn't afford" the high price for a personal trainer, because they could hardly afford a gym membership as it was. They expected magic to happen - that coming into the gym and wandering around would magically give them results, or just moving a little bit until they broke a tiny sweat would be good enough, and they would go home.

I remember working in one fitness center, where I spoke with a client doing her 30 second workout, and I asked her to take her heart rate, only to discover she wasn't working hard enough to burn enough calories for her short workout of the day. At that rate, she would never lose a pound. I told her she needed to step it up a notch if she was going to burn anything enough to lose weight. Her response to me "I've been coming to this gym a LOT longer than you've been working here. No one else has ever told me to work harder." My response, "It says your goal is to lose 100 pounds, how much have you lost in the past 6 years?" "None. But I know if I keep going like I am I will. I was told I will lose weight and I can do it on my own." She obviously wasn't open to the young kid who had only been working there for a few month to help her out since she knew so much more about weight loss than the skinny kid. So I went away. But it was an eye-opening experience. I began taking a look around me and saw people just like her everywhere. Not open to paying more, not realizing that with just a few small changes they could have AMAZING results.

Then I got into Bootcamp training and opened my own fitness studio shortly afterward.
Here is what gets me excited about what is going on over here:
- We work with EVERYONE as their personal trainer!
- We have accountability systems for those ready to make changes!
- We track results!
- We provide challenges to go for!
- We have FUN Getting out in the community!

I have LOVED working with people of all ages, sizes and shapes and watching the changes, some drastic - others small and nearly unnoticeable on the surface. There is one "older gentleman", for example, with dramatically improved balance and posture.

Having a trainer next to you that you have set appointments with and are accountable to makes your success more likely!

So whether it's us at Phazes or a friend that can help you out - find the system that will keep you going in the right direction.

Feel free to drop by and try out Phazes or give us a call and see if a remote training program would work for you.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent - AND GUILTY! ;)

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