Happy Birthday to ME!

My birthday is coming up October 2nd. (and yes, a new Garmin is on my wish list by the way, so is workout gear and a new sports bra and a bike, and serious cash to put into my business...but let's get back to the point now.)

I am turning 37 this year. Remember when you were 18 and you thought people my age were old? I no longer think 37 is old. I don't think 40 is old. I am reconsidering 50 and 60 and 70 and 80 and even 90 and 100 too because someday I will be there if things go as I plan them. Okay, 80,90 and 100 are old even if I do make it there, I will admit I will be old then.

Here's the point. We live and we age and we can either improve our quality of life as we age or we can just give in to the fact that it's all over and let our body give out quicker than it normally would.

When I was 18 I ate garbage - ramen, mac and cheese, hot dogs, loads of caffeine and soda and chips and crap. But my body was young and I was extremely active dancing, playing sports, running...

Fast forward to my 37 birthday:
I have given birth to 6 large babies, nearly 20 years has passed, my metabolism is different, I have struggled with weight, depression, stresses of all sorts. I am not the same person. Physically, emotionally, spiritually I am an entirely different human than I was then so I have to feed and treat me differently. It only makes sense.
Babies start with mother's milk only then add bananas and rice cereral and are introduced one food at a time. Nutrition changes as we age. Our needs changes slightly. You are not eating the same food you ate when you were 6 months old (probably not anyway - right?)
As you become more in tune to your bodies needs you get to make the choices for yourself. Have you discovered what it is that makes you feel tired? Have you introduced new kinds of vegetables that increase energy or help your hair and skin? Are you learning to listen to YOU? Not the chemical dependence to things you were introduced to as like a kid at a Fair: fruit roll ups, Pudding cups, white bread, Soda and chips, processed boxed foods - Processed foods, high fat and sugar items that get you chemically addicted.

NOW you are most likely reading this as an adult and if you are like me you are remembering the days when you USED to be able to run up the hills or ride you bike all day or Play soccer without getting tired and ate what I wanted. Today I can't...? and IF you are like most people you MIGHT be chalking it up to age... "I could do those things when I was younger, but I'm too old for that now..."

I challenge you to surprise yourself this next year. YOU CAN reverse a LOT of that kind of aging effect! YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY CAN! (Do I sound convincing yet?)

I am looking at one of my friends in her 40's who had 8 kids gained a TON of weight and then finally decided to get healthy. she is now training for an Ironman race! One of my Idols is Tosca Reno: www.Tosca Reno.com

at 50 years old she is a fitness model that started her fitness journey at 40!
another one of my idols is one of my clients, Helen. She is 70 and came to me, not overweight, just slightly unfit and needing some changes made. Today She can out work several of my 30 year old clients. The improvements on her posture, her strength and endurance are astounding! She looks younger today!

I often have made the mistake of expecting younger clients to keep up with her NEW level of fitness due to age. BUT. this 70 year old woman is PHYSICALLY YOUNGER than some of my new younger (age wise) clients that have allowed lack of exercise and improper nutrition age them faster.

Today I am doing things I never tried as an 18 year old. I can dance all night again if I want to! I ran a race all night! I never did those things before. I am 37 years young this Saturday and am getting younger an younger all the time! I can't wait to see what I am doing at 50!

If you eat right and take care of yourself you increase the likelihood of living a productive life into your 90's and even past 100! You are less likely to be bedridden or have Alzheimer's or cancer or diabetes or other age related illnesses and ailments or even fall and break your hip. You are MORE likely to continue to be able to bathe yourself, remember the your own name, get up and down on your own and keep on going on those long walks and hikes with people you love!

So for now I am going to celebrate my birthday with a long run with friends, eat well, live, pray, laugh, love, hike, bike, run, play - whatever! aging means experience! It means I am learning more and getting closer to becoming the kind of person I hope to be (I hope).
What have you gained from aging? or what can you do today that you couldn't do before?

Let us know!