Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Senior fitness - Gold Circuit

One of my favorite classes at Phazes is the Gold Circuit!
It is ideal for seniors and those with special concerns including hip or joint issues, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or recovery from injury or surgery.

Clients that come to the Gold Circuit have LOVED it!
- Anna may says her posture and range of motion and energy is improved.
- Maryanne says she has more energy to deal with her fibromyalgia.
- Billie says her butt has gotten smaller. :) we LOVE that! and she is stronger!
- Helen has improved balance.

Issues that arise as we age tend to be limited range of motion, loss of balance and less strength and energy. although "just walking" is good for you - It's just as important to have a workout that includes strengthening and stretching your entire body. That is what you get in the Phazes Gold circuit - Strengthening and cardio all in one adjusted to YOUR fitness level. Your first visit is free. SO come in and check it out!

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