Friday, June 10, 2011

What about Bob?

I'll tell you about Bob...
Dude, I couldn't be happier right now. This guy has been one of the most dedicated clients here at Phazes. Today we did a fitness assessment after about a year of coming at least 3 times a week - week after week.

Before I tell you what he accomplished, let me tell you where he was when he came in...
Bob has not had a problem with obesity - just the opposite. Skinny and weak, no balance, no strength, no overall health at all. There is no way I can adequately say how sick he was from a lack of correct eating habits and proper fitness training.

Day one: we did his fitness assessment...
I wanted to cry to see this great guy at just 63 years old unable to stand on one leg or do knee pushups, or have any stamina at all.
Here is a guy that loves to golf but was having a difficult time enjoying his game with his balance and strength so out of whack.

Flash forward to today...
Bob is no longer doing knee pushups. He had 40 seconds to complete the following tasks and rest one minute in between. Here are his results:
- 2 pull-ups (the guy could barely hold himself up at all before and today was his first time we DARED trying pull ups - he did AMAZING for starting a workout program after age 60!)

- In-and-out crunches: 31 (it was 10 in that amount of time on day one)
- Switch kicks: 26 (he couldn't even DO them before since it required balance on on leg)
- Power jacks: 22 (before his legs were too weak to even risk trying)
- Power jumps: 18 (see Power Jacks)
- Squat thrust with jump: 11 (see above)
- Pushups: 22 on toes with perfect form (compare that to his poor form on his knees barely able to do 5 in the same amount of time)
Oblique climbers: 24 (he would have been too tired to try these before so we didn't dare back then.)
and he can now touch his toes, too, when he was about 4 inches away from being able to do that before.

SO yeah... today is one of those days that I get to rejoice with my client. Bob had some words to share too:

" I feel proud of myself for the first time in my life. It's a feeling I have never felt before. Thank you so much for basically saving my life. My golf game is better now than it was when I was in my 30's. I can hit the ball further than most of the big guys out there. I feel amazing. Of all the money I have spent in other places trying to get healthy and the very little I spend here at Phazes every month, this has done the most good for me. I can't thank you enough."

And Bob, I can't thank YOU enough for being willing to let me share you story and your thoughts. You continue to inspire and impress me with all you do.

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  1. Bob - VERY impressive. You are a source of inspiration. Well done! Now, about that triathlon yo were going to sign up for....
    - Bill