Monday, October 17, 2011

Bootcamp - one week special!

I am such a push over! This morning at Bootcamp I informed everyone that after this week there would be a 2 week break before the next round and everyone screamed "NOOOOOO!!!! I Can't wait that long for my Bootcamop I love so much! can't you give us just one week break? oh please oh please oh please!" Oh, ok fine! SO, the next round of Bootcamp will start November 7th - BUT, I am giving a week of bootcamp for $25 for anyone to try it at a pro-rated cost! 4 weeks of bootcamp is $100. But you now have the chance to "sample" it for a fraction of the cost and jump in with everyone else when they start November 7th too! It's a great opportunity! Bootcamp costs: 4 weeks monday - friday = $100 4 weeks 3 days a week = $80 SPECIAL OFFER: October 31st - November 5th = $25! or $20 for just 3 days a week! Call me now to register! 435-680-4025

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