Yay for Bonita!

One of my favorite things about my job is seeing all the successes of Phazes clients and the changes that happen in their lives.
Bonita has been a client at Phazes for several months and has had some fun changes including better mood and weight loss.  She would come every day and really work up a sweat getting oohs and ahhs from other ladies in the Gold circuit when she hit the jump rope.  Bonita built up slowly from being nervous about her exercise plan and overdoing it and being super cautios and then becoming a powerhouse and an example to other clients of perseverance, hard work and sweat!  It was really starting to pay off for her.
Then there was that awful car accident and her feet were crushed.  All of us at Phazes were crushed with her as we knew this was not just a set  back in her day to day living but also in the joy she felt at each Zumba class and circuit she attended.  She was unable to come in and get her workout as she needed to let her feet heal.
Phazes clients were amazing and began donating money to her and her family to assist her.  SO far I know of about $600 that were raised (beyond the sealed envelopes people brought in for her that I did not peak at)  there still is a donation bag at Phazes for anyone that wants to assist in helping out.

Everyone kept asking me how she was doing and when she would be back.  I took a visit to Bonita's house and she was excited about the results she had gotten at Phazes doing her dips!  COOL!  Those stinking Dips I make EVERYONE do paid off in her ability to return home. she could put her body wieght onto her arms and move around from chair to bed without putting weight on her feet.  YAY for DIPS!  SO no more complaining about dips from anyone - right?   

This past week I saw one of the greatest things at Phazes.... Bonita hobbled in with her walker into a Zumba class, she sat down on the seat in the back of the room and she smiled and danced with us again.  She wasn't standing up but she was there and there were NO EXCUSES!    Bonita inspires me!  What a fun party to have her back.  Thanks for showing us all how it is done!  I love you Bonita!


  1. Seriously, the doctor said that I would have to go to a rehab center, instead of home, if I was unable to transport myself only using my arms. And I was successful! So they let me come home. I can't wait until I can come back to Phazes every day again. I will become stronger and healthier then ever!


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