Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reality Check!

I have been on a big kick about doing everything in your power to fight the mainstream mindset of what determines beauty.  Looking at models and movie stars and their "perfect" bodies (or are they really perfect?)  So many movie stars and models actually fall into the category of Anorexia levels of BMI.  Is that really perfect?  Then because they have lost too much weight to fit into some mold they need to get Boob jobs to look "seductive".  Ribs removed, skin pulled and stretched, tummies tucked an suctioned, Breast implants.  AND THEN... in magazines they are photo shopped to look even "better than real life".  wrinkles removed and lines erased.  Have you ever seen a stretch mark on a model?  Of course not.  They exist of course,  but through the miracle of photoshop we are led to believe that a flawless body is achievable.  It isn't.  Not even enough plastic surgery can buy you that flawless body that you see on the big screen and in magazines.

Over a year ago a man told me that if I lost another 10 pounds I could look like this certain fitness model in a magazine he pointed to.   I have had other personal trainers tell me that they think they could help me lose my "last 5-10 pounds".  My big question... "why?"  This may make me unpopular as a trainer.  I mean isn't my job supposed to be to help people get perfect bodies? Not for me.  If I am an unpopular trainer because of this - so be it.  The reason I got into the fitness industy wasn't to help people get "perfect bodies"  It was to help people get healthy.  I can do more than I have ever been able to do.  I am happier than I have ever been in my life.  Those 10 pounds mean nothing to me!  

Healthy means - Mind, Spirit and Body.  If you are constantly trying for someone else's figure you will never have peace of mind.  Constant desire or coveting something that is not yours to have leads to depression.  Your body type may be different.  You might have big muscular legs and a ghetto booty.  Your breasts may sag after multiple children (push ups help by the way).  You may have stretch marks from growing quickly.  you may have rolls from rapid weight loss.  BUT... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Remember to set goals based on fitness results rather than what the scale says.  You may never ever be "satisfied" with how you look in the mirror.  I have spoken with anorexic women that still feel fat and don't like what they see in the mirror.  One of my favorite local Bootcamp trainers with a "perfect body"  - muscular, lean, strong and has a boob job... still feels inadequate and find flaws in her form.  Yet so many people covet after her seemingly "perfect form".  Your self esteem cannot be based on what your figure looks like.  We have been so bombarded with images of unattainable beauty that none of us will ever get that body portrayed to us.  SO... Get over it!

Get out and do stuff!  Get active and eat right not so you can attain the unattainable, but so you can do what you are capable of DOING! 

Proper fueling for your body = Better ability to function!  Better mood, better energy, better everything!  Weight loss is the bonus. 

Eat and exercise for your health not for some crazy body size.

Body project

I do beleieve being aware of the dangers associated with Extreme obesity is critical. BUT to balance it out... I also KNOW that there are very equal dangers of being obsessed about your weight.  Throw out the scale and try living your life to the fullest and take care of you by eating foods that fuel your body!

 - Michelle

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