Monday, May 14, 2012


Phazes is SO excited to welcome the Team from my favorite competitors - Desert Fitness!  Tyann Clark, Aimee Langston, Heather Stout, Natalie Madsen, Leslie Reeve, Bethany Gubler - have all been amazing trainers for Desert Fitness as well as friends.  It was inevitable that we would work together.  Past combined events we have done (ie: Zumba 80's night) have been awesome!  They bring a LOT of energy and intensity with them.

SO NOW... we have even more to choose from more instructors, different styles and more fun!

The class schedule is changing for Phazes to make room for more classes and doubling up on some of our favorites since our space is pretty small.  But we can do this.
More people = more fun!

Desert Fitness Clients (and Adagio Zumba clients) have until the end of September to use up their punch passes.  Current 6 and 12 month memberships are 10% off if prepaid or for monthly installments on those contracts - get the sign up fee waived if you sign up before June 30th 2012!

Welcome to Phazes!
 - Michelle Ennis and the Phazes Team

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